House 01: Day 44

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Day 44 (Monday)

The holiday was a success for all three of them.

“What in the world …?” Daisy and Marcus bolted upright in bed. Marcus grabbed the clothing nearest him and told Daisy he’d handle it. It being Marc listening to the stereo VERY loudly! Daisy could hear the beginnings of a conversation she knew they’d be having with Marc more than once … “What do you think you’re doing? Do you know even what time it is?” …

Knowing she wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep any time soon, Daisy headed out to her garden. “Ah … peace and quiet … so quiet.” Daisy smiled in appreciation.

When she finishes, Daisy heads back inside and once again tries to talk to Marc about this phase he’s going through. His answer never wavers. “The world needs to hear me! You can influence me to be quiet and discipline me over loud actions. Just know, the fire inside will never die.” Daisy looks into the eyes of her determined little man and tells him that there is a time and a place for everything and hopes that he’ll figure out the right time as well as the right place and leaves it at that. For now anyway.

Daisy moves the conversation to an easier topic … that of Marc learning the value of saying please and thank you. She’s quite pleased to know her words are sinking in. Daisy grabs a quick snooze and Marc amuses himself before each head out the door.

Daisy analyzes a few more key pieces of evidence and soon connects all the dots on the case board. Time to issue an APB and find the suspect.

The suspect’s last known location is somewhere Daisy has never been before.

Yumiko Kobayashi meets the physical requirements but she’s also a high school student at Buckingham High and a Llama Scout in scout Pack #1 so Daisy will need to tread carefully before pulling her in for questioning.

She’s not a 100% sure this is the right person but there’s literally no one else around to ask or consider as a possibility. Daisy tells Ms Kobayashi that she’s coming down to the station with her. Daisy’s concern isn’t lessened when she sees her in the cell NOT wearing the expected clothing.
This is the first suspect who isn’t wearing the clothing described in the clues.

Daisy takes her to booking so she can be searched as well as have her mugshot and fingerprints taken. Daisy bites her tongue when this teen keeps taking selfies before doing anything she’s asked to do. At the fingerprint station, Daisy grits her teeth and tells her she needs to remove her gloves before placing her hand on the screen.

Then Daisy leads Ms Kobayashi into the Interrogation Room. She looks around as if she’s memorizing everything so Daisy decides to give her a dose of her own medicine and proceeds to check her phone. There’s an email from school showing a progress report for Marc. Ms Kobayashi doesn’t seem to like the lack of attention.

Daisy says, “Your time is valuable as is mine so when I ask a question, I expect an answer. No delay tactics and your phone better not make an appearance again.” Then they get to business. Daisy notices the time (near the end of her shift) and elects to stay late. She feels that she’s close to closing this case and a short while later … a full confession is signed, sealed and delivered.

Daisy updates Chief before heading home.

Bills have been delivered and Daisy decides to take care of them before heading inside.

All of a sudden a sense of foreboding comes over Daisy and she runs inside.

“Marcus, nooo … ! I’m not ready for this!” Daisy turns to the hooded figure and asks if anything can be done but before she can finish asking, Marcus’ ties to his body have been severed.

Daisy’s cries bring Marc running. She stops her son and gently explains what has happened.

Daisy has maxed out her parenting skill but this pales in comparison to what’s going on.

Daisy’s tears water the garden as well as the flowers she places by his grave. Daisy slumps onto the bench and stares at his stone marker until exhaustion takes over.

Inside … a sad, silent boy eats dinner to the sound of his mom crying outside.

Marc’s stats:

Home improvements have been made but Marcus’ passing caused everything else to take a backseat. Pictures will be shared at a later time.

Daisy’s story will continue in Day 45

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