House 01: Day 43

Previous Day: Day 42

Day 43 (Sunday)

New SimYear’s Eve went well.

On to the next holiday … New Skill Day!

While his parents sleep, Marc entertains himself …

… he also does a few chores on his own …

… responsibility trait value increases & decreases with the choices he makes …

Before he can clean up the latest mess without any encouragement from the ‘rents, Daisy is there with hands on her hips and a firm tone to her voice. “Time to clean up your mess and come inside, Marc.”
Note: Her reaching L9 in this skill totally caught me by surprise!

Marc joins mom at the table and asks her advice about recess. Daisy advises him to ask other kids if he can join in which had him nodding his head in understanding and then mere seconds later … LOUD Marc merges and makes himself heard!
Ugh! This phase is going to try Daisy’s patience!

Marcus joins them at the table and watches while Daisy helps Marc with his homework (mainly to be sure he does it!) before heading outside to shovel the last few piles of snow. Daisy quickly makes a snow angel while she still can and is sad that the snow didn’t stick around long enough for them to have built a few snowpals together.

Her sadness doesn’t last for long when she spies this bright-headed fellow drilling into a nearby tree and she can’t help but laugh (quietly) as several Polar Bear Club members meander about.

Daisy sees her two watching the Kids Network (again!) and decides to do something about it … even if it’s cold outside. She consults the local map and then grabs each guy by the hand to head out on a hike. “Let’s go see what Granite Falls National Park is like!”

The water here is a little warmer so they try their hands at catching a few fish. Marc also pulls up a small box that contains a perfectly preserved strawberry. It isn’t long before Marcus sets his pole down and starts doing sit-ups. “Let’s try to catch one more before packing it all in!” Daisy says to Marc with a smile.

… On the way back to their cabin …

Ring Ring
“You want me to be a Dance Team Captain? You obviously haven’t seen me out on the dance floor, lol. Thanks, but no thanks.”

Marcus heads inside to clean up while the others decide to count llamas.

After his bath, Marcus heads outside to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and eventually Daisy joins him … holding a bag of marshmallows and several sticks. Ah, this is the life!

… A little while later …

They start swapping ghost stories and a sim dressed as a bear joins them (don’t ask!). Daisy tells a really chilling one and it’s obvious that neither Marcus or their furry friend will sleep easily tonight. “Heh heh heh.” Daisy quietly laughs to herself. “Gotcha!”

After parting ways with Mr Bear, they head inside to pack up their belongings and gather a sleepy little boy. Daisy doubles checks that lights are off, rooms are clear of their belongings and the fires are put out before they lock the door on the cabin for the final time during this trip. “Goodbye for now, Forest HideawayI It’s been fun and I’m sure we’ll be back some day!”

They arrive home in the wee hours of the morning and tuck Marc in before crawling into bed themselves. Good Night!

The new Lot Traits for spring
Bracing Breeze, Child, Homey

Marc’s stats:
Note: Who knew? Fishing increases the Mental Skill.

A vacation and a few meals didn’t make much of a dent in their bank balance. Daisy starts making plans and discusses them with Marcus.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 44

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