House 01: Day 42

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Day 42 (Saturday)

Strange noises wake Marc up. “A … m-m-monster! Mom! Dad Dad will know what to do!” Marc scurries to his parents’ bedroom and wakes his dad.

When he gets back to his bedroom to point at his bed, Marc turns and realizes he is alone. “Help! Mo-o-o-m!” Marc just looks at his dad as he walks past to get help from mom. Daisy sprays for monsters and reassures Marc afterward. “The monster should be gone but, don’t you worry, I’ll buy the night light my friends mentioned. Monsters won’t trouble your sleep again.”

Then Daisy hugs her son and tucks him into bed, staying until he is peacefully sleeping before turning out the light and leaving the room.

… a few hours later …

The family enjoys the grilled cheese sandwiches Marcus made. Daisy chooses not to nag her increasingly absent-minded husband about the partially made meal and amuses them with yet another one of her stories before finishing fixing the food.

Ah. The last day of the year. New Year’s Eve. Daisy hangs their decorations and tends the garden before they’re on their way.

Note: Silly me somehow forgot to take a picture of the calendar holiday. Oops!

As soon as they reach their destination, Daisy turns to her family with a smile and says … “SURPRISE!” She then shows them the postcard she had hidden in her purse after booking their vacation. “This is going to be fun!”

They wipe their feet and head inside with their luggage. Time to check out the cabin that will be their “home-away-from-home” for the weekend. Everybody seems to like what they see and Marc seems to especially like the holiday noisemakers Daisy had packed.

Daisy gets an idea and wants them to make resolutions but the guys would rather chat about music. Daisy goes ahead and makes one of her own.

The weather drops near the freezing point. Marcus starts a fire and the cabin is soon nice and toasty warm. Ah! Since it’s too cold to spend much time outdoors, Marc and Daisy catch up on their rest. Marcus doesn’t seem to mind the cold as he tosses several logs on the fire pit and then toasts a few marshmallows.

The snow begins falling so Marcus adds another log to the fire before sitting down and enjoying the experience. He wishes the others were awake to share this moment with him.

Ring Ring
Daisy’s phone wakes her. “A job in Social Media? Me? Thank you, but no thank you.”

Daisy grabs the ingredients for Camper’s Stew from the fridge before heading out to the grill. Nothing like cooking over an open fire! It isn’t long before Marcus joins her, chatting and tooting his own horn. Then the snow starts coming down harder and Daisy heads inside to finish making the meal.

Note: The reality is that Marcus has a tendency of interrupting Daisy when she’s doing something and the game won’t let me cancel those actions so I have to wait them out. This time, the action to then “resume cooking” kept canceling itself. Even trying to fake the game with “clean up” and then canceling that action before she could throw the meal away, didn’t work. So I simply added the money back … threw out the food … and cooked the meal on the stove since I wasn’t sure if it was the grill or the holiday actions that caused the issue in the first place.

“Food’s ready!” Daisy called out and then heard the snores coming from the couch. Daisy ate and then began cleaning up. Marcus came in at that point and kissed her cheek before grabbing a bowl of stew for himself. “Yum! I really like this … you should make this at home, Daze.”

The view outside their cozy cabin made both of them smile.

They race outside to have a snowball fight. Taunts, giggles and outright laughter filled the air as both quickly realize how horrible they are at throwing snowballs. Daisy sneaks up behind Marcus and manages to get one good one in before they both call it quits.

Time to head back inside and warm up. Marcus can’t resist tossing more confetti before they join Marc to watch NY Eve television.

Uh oh! Right as the countdown gets underway … Marc enters a phase. A LOUD one by the sounds of it!

Marcus and Daisy watch in surprise/horror as their son improvises during the countdown before stopping mid-count to go grab a bowl of stew.

Happy New SimYear from Daisy and her family!

Each celebrated the beginning of a new SimYear in the way they wanted.

Marc’s stats:

Daisy’s story continues in Day 43

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