House 01: Day 41

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Day 41 (Friday)

The heavy rain makes Daisy dream of swimming pools. Marcus hugs his son and keeps watch while he heads out to meet the school bus.

It’s a long and mostly dull day at work for Daisy. Several things kept it from being a total bore … earning points while fixing the Chief’s broken computer … but she admits it was difficult to keep a neutral face when Seiji stopped by. She’s not sure if he’s working undercover or exploring life choices, but isn’t going to mention it and make things awkward between them. He’ll talk when he’s ready to share.

She received terrific news while eating a late lunch. Marc has brought his C grade up to a B!

Time to head home!

“It was sweet of you to meet me but let’s go inside where it’s warm & dry. Congratulations on your improved grades, son! I’m so proud of you and your efforts!”

Today seems like a good day to eat chili.

After dinner, Daisy heads outside to check on her garden. One wrong step and down she goes. OUCH! Daisy carefully checks to be sure she didn’t twist her ankle or wrench her back before slowly getting back to her feet.

Peeking in through the windows, she is pleased to see her guys occupied and not laughing at her expense. However … if she had been hurt … she wonders if they would have noticed and rushed out to offer help.

Could there be a better way to wind down in the evening than a long soak in the tub and a good book? Daisy can’t think of anything that would top this. It’s not long before she also heads to bed.

Marc’s stats:

They’ve built up quite a nice nest egg. Maybe they should consider making a few donations to charity and help those who are less fortunate.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 42

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