House 01: Day 4

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Day 4 (Wednesday)
The Lottery

The first holiday in this Drifter Challenge has arrived! All Daisy has to do is purchase a lottery ticket for 100 Simoleons. Sounds easy enough to do, right?! The question is … will Daisy take a chance (buy ticket) or play it safe (keep her money)?

It’s a good thing Daisy is asleep and missed this delayed text message. Did Vlad have a broken wing or some other calamity that kept him from noticing the ONLY TENT in this entire neighborhood?

Oh, joy. Daisy is going to have a ‘great’ day at work today, can’t you tell?!

Before she can start her daily duties, Daisy takes a moment to freshen up & grab a sandwich since she missed breakfast. Thankfully, the Chief doesn’t seem to notice her. As soon as Don moved, Daisy snagged his vacated seat and found a case!

Before setting up the case map, Daisy decides to tackle a few in-house ‘chores’ since it’s obvious her fellow officers are otherwise occupied. (rolls eyes)

Daisy gets Jada Hamilton’s fingerprints and mugshot on file before taking her back to the holding cell. The powers-that-be (the game!) decide to put her in the solitary cell instead of back with the other riffraff. Hope Jada appreciates this nice gesture!

On her way to the board, Daisy notices a new face in the room.

The map is ready! Time to head out to the crime scene.

Ooh, fancy!

Finding the door slightly ajar, Daisy stepped inside and called out. A voice answered, “I’m upstairs.” Daisy went upstairs and got a witness report from Sergio Romeo. Eric joined them but stood around twiddling his thumbs while pointedly ignoring Daisy’s slight nod in the direction of the other witness so Daisy grabbed Summer Holiday’s statement also.

Returning downstairs, Daisy saw Don gathering evidence from the kitchen. She joined him, dusting for fingerprints and later collecting further evidence from the floor graffiti after he had left the room.

“No point in upsetting a co-worker who is actually WORKING!” Daisy thought to herself. She then dusted for fingerprints in the living room.

Daisy saw the others congregating outside and headed that way to see what they had found. Caleb took selfies with Eliza, then scared her … Don gathered evidence from under the tree … and Eric stood still. Daisy stared at him as she passed, but it didn’t faze him. She gathered additional evidence while Don stood guard.

After pointedly looking at the others, Daisy sighed and collected the witness statement from Eliza. Ugh … this lack of professionalism from senior officers is making her feel even more pressure to perform.

Don pulled Daisy aside and showed her some fingerprints on the kitchen artwork. Thanks, Don! Daisy found several more pieces. With the others not showing concern for witnesses being on scene, Daisy kept silent when Summer joined her and started telling jokes. The one about ye olde ball & chain had her clenching her fists as she tried not to yell at her to get the plum out of the crime scene.

Thinking she was missing something, Daisy did another thorough walkthrough of the entire house and uncovered some hidden evidence. By this time, the others had left to return to the station and the drizzle had become a downpour. Poor Daisy!

Feeling quite pleased with the amount of evidence bagged and tagged, Daisy began to process the fingerprints. Bingo! She found evidence of the suspect having grey hair and added that bit of information to the board.

Time for a dinner break. Daisy grabbed a pre-made meal and once again decided to “grace” the chief with her presence. Thanks, game, for also having her shout forbidden words before I could stop her. How awkward!

Daisy had stayed late but didn’t feel like she had accomplished much by doing so. The extra income is nice though.

yawn Daisy is exhausted. Oh! Better buy that lottery ticket while she’s thinking about it. Daisy seemed rather pleased that she completed the holiday goal.

The option to buy the lottery ticket did come up on the computer at work, but I thought it would be weird for her to gamble while on duty.

Time for a nap while pleasantly pondering the possibility of more moolah. Nothing wrong with wishing, right?!

Daisy tried telling herself a story in the hopes of improving her mood (fun). Lily’s text about something happening at the bluffs didn’t help. “Sure, I could go but instead of getting down I would be falling down … flat on my face. I am TIRED!!!

After taking care of her needs, Daisy called an end to the day.
You have to laugh at sims who try to sneak in and out of the bush as if nobody has any idea of what they’re doing in there.

A long day at work means extra take-home pay but it prevents Daisy being able to do a collection run. Going to have to figure out how to garner her more money because sleeping in a tent isn’t the best solution for the long haul.

Note: The delightful Discord group I’m a part of discussed Lot Traits and Random Rollers. We’ll be changing Lot Traits each season … should be fun!

Lot Traits
Penny Pixies, Dog Spot

Daisy’s story continues in Day 5

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    1. Thanks for reading!

      Erratic Sims are fun to play! You never know what they will do, lol

      I think EA had a lot of fun coming up with some of the stuff they have. πŸ™‚


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