House 01: Day 37

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Day 37 (Monday)

TODAY is the 1st Day of School for Marc!

Somebody is excited! Marc woke up early, bathed and played a few educational games while he waited for his parents and/or the school bus.

Creative (and quite possibly nervous) energy is running high this morning!

Daisy prepares Marc’s lunch and when he doesn’t answer her call, goes to investigate the silence. “Marc! We talked about this last night! Paints belong ON paper or canvas! The bus is here so there’s no time for you to clean up this mess right now, but you will clean it when you get home!”

While Marcus is cleaning up after their breakfast, Daisy starts on her home improvement list again … but doesn’t make much progress before Marcus joins her. Seeing him hovering beside her, looking sad, has Daisy setting down her tools and trying her best to console him.

What?! Back so soon? Daisy called the school to make sure there wasn’t a mistake but the office seemed rather busy and couldn’t give her a satisfactory answer for this early release day.

The bills have arrived and Daisy is glad to see that they continue to be manageable on her income alone.

A job offer to take a pay cut in order to train as an athlete? Thanks, but no thanks.

Daisy is busy wondering why she keeps getting job offers. Did a recruiting firm somehow get a copy of her resume? Busy in thought she doesn’t see Marcus until it’s too late … “RAWR!” … Marcus is amused. Daisy is NOT!

Marc cleans up his mess … eventually.

Marcus works out and then crawls into Marc’s bed. Daisy quietly beckons to her son and asks if he did his homework yet. Seeing the no in his eyes before he can even open his mouth, Daisy helps him get started.

Marc finishes his homework and crawls on top of the covers in his parents’ bedroom. Daisy decides to not disturb either of her two guys and gets ready for bed. “If they’re fine with this, then so am I.” Daisy thinks to herself.

Marc’s stats:

Nice to know there is a little buffer to handle the bills and any unexpected emergencies.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 38

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