House 01: Day 36

Previous Day: Day 35

Day 36 (Sunday)

Before I forget (again!), here’s a picture of the exterior of their home.

The day starts off with Daisy and Marcus not feeling at the top of their game. Daisy doesn’t regret purposefully ignoring what she considers to be a stupid tradition but Marcus … poor Marcus! Another friend has passed away (Katrina is the 3rd one) and Marcus surely can’t help but feel like his days are numbered, too.

Maybe working out will lift his spirits.

Maybe not. As soon as Marc wakes and heads downstairs, Marcus jumps into his bed and proceeded to cry it out. Then he joins Marc for “breakfast” and poor Marc must have surely feel awkward at seeing his dad like this.

Marcus tries to show enthusiasm when Marc talks about tomorrow being the first day of school, but as soon as Daisy pulls Marcus into a dance … Marc escapes upstairs to share his excitement with Bear.

Daisy gets a call while she’s working in the garden. She knows some sims aren’t as lucky as they are and decides to share some of their good fortune.

Daisy isn’t in the mood for vegetables so decides to make grilled cheese sandwiches. She’s glad to see Marc enjoying the clay she bought and looks forward to seeing what he’ll do with it. That is if Marcus will stop interrupting him. Marc likes having his room moved upstairs and Marcus tells him that he’ll probably hear the rain hitting the roof more often.

Daisy thinks a distraction is in order and takes Marcus by the hand …

Now that Marcus seems to be more cheerful and is letting Marc work on his art project, Daisy starts a project of her own and hopes she can check off a few items on her growing home improvement list.

Maybe not. Marcus’ friend, Jade, wants to have dinner with them and Daisy thinks this outing will be good for him.

As they head inside, Daisy sees that it isn’t too busy and decides this is a good opportunity to start teaching Marc about how to say please and thank you.

*AHEM* “Is it hot in here or is it just me?” A deep male voice is heard somewhere behind Daisy. She and the other diners don’t seem too impressed as they continue going about their business.

This publicity stunt causes a delay in the hostess seating them.

By the time they are seated, Daisy notices the empty seat and asks the others if they’ve seen Marc. “I think he went to the bathroom.” says Jade. At that moment Daisy sees something outside their window and excuses herself. “Marc! I’m really disappointed in the choice you made! I’m giving you a few minutes to clean up this mess before returning to our table. Don’t make me come back out here to get you!”

Marc returns to an almost empty table. Marcus is warming himself by the fire and Jade is making the rounds. After a really long wait, Salim finally heads their way with a tray of food that gets accidentally dropped on the floor. “I’m so sorry! It won’t take long to bring out more. I’m so very sorry!” Marc takes advantage of this commotion and starts to head back outside (you guessed it!) when Daisy calls a halt to their evening. In a firm voice she says, “Thank you but that won’t be necessary. Please cancel our order and send our apologies to the chef. It’s time for us to leave.”

Back at home, they grab a quick bite to eat and then head off to bed. It’s been a long day!

Marc’s stats:

Even with adding the third bathroom upstairs and making a generous donation, they should have more than enough to pay their bills.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 37

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