House 01: Day 35

Previous Day: Day 34

Day 35 (Saturday)

Neighborhood Brawl. I think it’s safe to say that this “holiday” is going to be ignored!

Daisy wakes early and decides to start making some home improvements, but a funny smell led her to the dryer so her priority shifted to repairs.

Marc woke while Daisy’s getting ready for work and seems sad that she’ll be gone for most of the day. “This is a good time for you and your dad to do male bonding or secret handshakes or whatever it is that guys do when girls aren’t around,” Daisy says with a smile and a wink.

Brrr … Daisy still can’t get over how different the weather can be between home and work. They need to provide jackets as part of the uniform or relax the dress code so we can wear our own! Brrr!

Daisy was hoping for a day of working indoors but needs to get a move on with issuing the APB and bringing in the suspect or the Chief won’t be happy. And when the Chief isn’t happy, nobody’s happy! She finds a suspicious acting sim (matching the description, of course!) in the pool area and brings her in for questioning.

Things get a little chaotic back at the station when the Chief passes. Staff and suspects crowd the small office as each deal with processing the death that they just witnessed.

Eventually, Daisy is able to pull herself together and gets Ms Choukri into an available interrogation room. The suspect seems defensive and Daisy knows this is going to be a difficult session. After a short time is spent trying to get a feel for things, Daisy has had enough and tries a different tack.

Maybe it’s the frustration of dealing with a difficult suspect or trying to keep herself together after Chief just passed, but Daisy isn’t in the mood to play good cop today … she talks about the prison, dangles handcuffs and throws paperwork around …

Now is the time to get down to business! Daisy shares a few pieces of indisputable evidence and Ms Choukri’s composure breaks down. She’s ready to confess!

Assistant Emely begins the sad task of reassigning the Chief’s duties and clearing out her desk per orders from the Police Commissioner. Whether it’s due to exhaustion from a long day at work, loss of a co-worker or the weather (or all three!) … Daisy slumps onto a bench in the locker room and closes her eyes for a bit.

Daisy is glad when her shift ends and she can head home. This has NOT been an easy day for her!

Daisy checks the mail and brings in the homework packet that filled the box. “Marc, your teachers have sent work so they can get an idea of what you know and what needs to be worked on. I’ll help answers any questions you might have.”

Tag-team parenting at its finest! Marcus takes over so Daisy can grab a nap before tackling the garden. At times, she wishes she had less to work with but for the most part, greatly appreciates the extra income it brings in.

Marc can’t find his favorite toy and asks his dad for advice. Marcus tells him to keep looking for it.

It’s so nice seeing Marc entertaining himself and helping around the house without being asked to do so.

Marcus joins Daisy but his thoughts have me a little concerned. Who’s ghost is he wishing to see?

Marc finds quiet things to entertain himself with while his parents sleep. What a thoughtful boy!

It isn’t long before all are in bed for the night.

Marc’s stats:

Oh! Before I forget … a few improvements have been made to the house. What was Marc’s room is now the beginnings of a laundry room and stairs leading the the 2nd floor. Marc’s bedroom has been moved and space has been made for a bathroom. The larger space now contains all the items that were previously under the pergola. With there being as many rainy days as there has been, I wanted the family to be able to use these items in comfort.

Some improvements have been made and there are more to do! Looking forward to seeing it all come together!!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 36

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