House 01: Day 34

Previous Day: Day 33

Day 34 (Friday)

TODAY is Marc’s birthday!

It started off with a 2nd notice regarding Marcus … Daisy is NOT ready for this!!

Nor is she apparently ready to be woken by one hungry, hungry toddler.

Daisy is glad she’s taken the day off from work and can spend time with her son.

Daisy never thought she’d see the day where her efforts got results because Marc resisted most attempts at teaching him anything so she’ll gladly take what little victories she can and store them up for when he becomes a TEEN, lol

And where was Marcus during all of this? Where else …?

Daisy can’t complain. He came in and took over flash card duty so she could bake a birthday cake & emptied the trash so Daisy could continue potty training in a less fragrant environment. Thank you, Marcus! HOORAY! Marc is now completely trained to use the toilet and has made decent gains in all of his skills!!

This is what “we” have to look forward to!
Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
Trait: Creative

“Cake for me?” Marc seems to like that a cake made with love is almost ready to eat.

“Make a wish and blow out your candles, Marc!”

1 … 2 … 3 … Goodbye, toddler and Hello, young man!

Daisy loves seeing a smile on her son’s face and knows where he got his good sense of humor from! (He’s dancing right behind them!)

Marc makes a beeline for his gift as Marcus heads to the tea maker. He seems pretty pleased and follows Daisy around, talking nonstop about “Marc this” and “Marc that”.

Like father, like son! Daisy smiles at both before admiring her son’s artwork and heading off to bed.

It isn’t long before Marc turns in. He starts off with a good boost thanks to gaining the Happy Toddler Trait.

Marcus isn’t ready for bed but I’m sure Daisy will agree in my hopes that this routine becomes a regular thing each night.

Their bank balance looks fantastic and they’re more than ready to meet the needs of a growing boy!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 35

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