House 01: Day 33

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Day 33 (Thursday)

Daisy greeted her husband Good Morning and let him know that she is going to give the Nanny Service another try. “Hopefully, this Nanny will be better than the last one was!” The new Nanny arrived while Daisy was putting together her sack lunch. Nanny Fujita seems to have a sunny disposition and understood Daisy’s concerns. “Don’t worry. Your son is in good hands!” Daisy sure hopes so!

Daisy introduces Nanny to Marc before heading out the door. Feeling better about her choice, she gets right to work!

The hours fly by and Daisy feels confident about all the evidence she’s uncovered. Another elderly female, hmm … Daisy wonders if there is a geriatric gang that will need to be infiltrated and taken down from the inside out. Something to file away and ponder over later.

While it’s too late to head out and apprehend anyone before shift change, Daisy takes time to call Marcus as well as the Nanny. Things seem to be in order so she heads to the station gym for a short workout before showering and catching 40 winks. No sense in heading home running on empty.


“Are you kidding me?!” No Nanny! Marcus is dancing, lost in his own world, and … Marc, poor Marc … needs TLC stat!!

Daisy offers to take her son to the potty chair but he refuses. “I no need pee!” Looking at his defiant little face, Daisy knows to save this battle for another time and has to bite her tongue when she sees him then start scrunching up his face. SIGH “Yup, he was right … he didn’t need to pee” Daisy thinks to herself.

Daisy decides a little fun is in order and then perhaps her son will be a bit more receptive to the suggestion of using the potty chair instead of his pull-ups.

While she’s in the bathroom with Marc, the Nanny returns. Except … it’s NOT the Nanny from earlier! Nanny Sasaki let himself in and began making grilled cheese for the family. Marcus seems interested so Nanny begins explaining how to make them … conveniently forgetting to tend the pan on the stove. Yikes! Daisy’s glad their son went to his room because she’s about ready to blow a fuse & she doesn’t want him to think it’s directed at him!

First things first. Daisy finishes making the grilled cheese sandwiches and is glad that they’re not burnt nor the cause of a house fire. While she’s doing this, Nanny tucks Marc in and keeps Marcus company until he’s also ready for a bit of shut-eye.

“While I appreciate your returning & wanting to help, you were fired and another Nanny had been hired. This service might be quick to send out staff but the track record for reliability and performance leaves much to be desired. At this point, I’m terminating my contract with Kindly Caring, Inc. Good Day!” After seeing Nanny to the door, Daisy calls and requests a day off before joining her husband. “40 winks sounds like a terrific idea because it could be a long night ahead of me!” Daisy thinks.

Marcus wakes and makes yet more tea. Daisy is done with emptying the pot and placing the extra in the fridge. “He’ll just brew another pot instead of drinking what he already has!”, she grumbles as she heads out the door to work in the garden. It isn’t long before the siren call of their bed lures both of them back.

Daisy is glad that Marc also seems to be getting a good night’s sleep. “Sleep well, little one. Your birthday is almost here and seeing the changes in you will hopefully be fun!”

Marc’s Stats:
He’s really close to attaining Level 3 on most of them. *Fingers crossed* that tomorrow is THE day!

Their bank balance is looking great! Just in time too … a child is sure to have more expenses than a toddler did!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 34

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