House 01: Day 32

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Day 32 (Wednesday)

A nightmare woke Marc and Nanny isn’t the one he wants comforting him.

Nanny got busy in the kitchen while Daisy wiped the tears from her son’s eyes, gave him a big hug and filled the tub with lots of bubbles. Tofu Tacos … oh, “yay”. I don’t think Marcus is going to like those!

Nanny set a place for Daisy and she tried the tacos. Not exactly the flavor she was hoping for, but she appreciated the effort on his part. When he starts chatting about the music, Daisy politely but firmly interrupts him. “Instead of TALKING to me about music, you could be dancing around the room with my son or using it to make flash cards or block stacking fun. You were hired to care for Marc & I’ve seen little evidence of this. I’m sorry but this isn’t working out. Your services are no longer required, please leave now.” While seeing Nanny Sasaki out, Daisy doesn’t notice the mess Marc is making in the bathroom.


Daisy cleans the kitchen and tucks a sleepyhead back in his bed. Marcus looks so sad even though he’s eating the last of the Fish Tacos that Daisy made and Daisy learns the reason … another friend of his had passed. Nancy Landgraab. Daisy offers to stay home but Marcus declines. “Taking care of Marc will keep my mind off of other things.” Daisy reluctantly agrees.

Daisy leaves for work after her sack lunch and drink are ready. With so much happening at home, Daisy takes a few minutes to discuss the case with Caleb to regain her bearings.

Just as she’s about to issue an APB, Daisy hears Danica banging the keyboard and voicing her frustration. “Here, let me help. Go grab a soda or a snack and take a small break to calm yourself down.”

As soon as the computer is back in business, so is Daisy! She issues the APB and heads to the last known location of the suspect. The only sim on the premises is Erika Kobayashi, but Daisy takes a quick look around … just to be sure. After a few minutes of trying to get a read on Ms Kobayashi, Daisy is surprised when the suspect starts yelling at her about money of all things. “Let’s take this conversation back to the station!”

Upon arriving back at the station, the chief calls Daisy into her office. “Bring me those results. NOW!” Daisy searches Ms Kobayashi and is stumped at how she managed to hide such a large blade upon her person as well as why she feels to need to carry a concealed weapon in the first place. This interrogation is going to take a while. She’s acting shy but Daisy is on to her!

Daisy isn’t getting much of a reaction except for whenever money is mentioned. My usual techniques aren’t working so it’s time to change up my game and I know just what to do! Daisy recalls her time of talking shop with Autumn and follows her friend’s lead. A brief story about prison … followed by a few strategic table bangs … Daisy goes a little crazy in her enthusiasm but doesn’t regret doing it.

Ms Kobayashi is shown a few pieces of evidence and gives Daisy the tell signal she was looking for. Daisy continues to steadily increase the pressure during the questioning until her suspect stops her and offers to make a full confession. That’s more like it! Case CLOSED!!

Daisy is satisfied, she’s closed another case. She’s also starting to stumble over her own two feet and grabs a quick nap before stepping into the Chief’s office to give an update on the progress. “It doesn’t matter that this one is done, there’s plenty more that need closure … hop to it, Drifter!”

Thank goodness. Daisy is more than ready to head home!

Or not. Home isn’t as happy and relaxed as she’d like it to be. Marcus seems to be enjoying himself, but Marc obviously is NOT. *SIGH* There just doesn’t seem to be a good solution for child care and Daisy is feeling at her wit’s end over it.

She sees to Marc’s immediate needs but he slumps to the floor before she can get him into bed. Poor little guy! Daisy gently wakes him and leads an unhappy boy to his bed, grabbing Charlotte’s Pig off the shelf as she passes by. “I not tired!” Marc says. “That’s okay, I am and would love for us to read this book together before I go lie down.” Daisy replies.

Daisy decides to grab a quick nap before taking care of the garden and getting a bite to eat. It feels really good to relax in bed next to her husband …

Marc’s Stats:
Getting there!

Speaking of getting there … their bank balance certainly is! Time to start planning what to purchase when Marc has his birthday.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 33

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