House 01: Day 31

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Day 31 (Tuesday)

Daisy woke to the sound of Marc having a tantrum. As soon as she calmed him down, Marcus distracted him with a bit of playtime fun. The giggles ended and another tantrum was in the brewing … thankfully, Daisy figured out that he needed sleep and wasn’t simply being defiant. A story about a one-eyed monster trying to bake a cake soon had him closing his eyes as he snuggled further under his covers.

Marc isn’t the only sleepyhead who needs to go to bed! Daisy took advantage of the quiet and began working on bathroom improvements. The sink now has sturdier faucets and the toilet a superior flush. Hopefully, they’ll break less often now.

Daisy calls Kindly Caring, Inc. and requests a nanny for the day. Nanny Sasaki arrives while she’s packing her lunch and gets right to work.

He begins meal preparations as she’s heading out the door to her carpool. It will be nice to have dinner ready when she gets home! Brrr … Daisy wishes she had brought her winter coat. This seems like a good time to catch up on analyzing evidence samples and updating the case board.

Daisy is pretty sure she has everything she needs to request an APB.

*AHEM* A throats clears behind her. “Detective? Excuse me, but it’s time for your monthly physical.” As Daisy follows the directions given her, she realizes she isn’t as fit as she once was and needs to pick up her pace.

Time to update the chief. Chief Riya agrees that following the money trail is giving good results but wants Daisy to visit the crime scene & be sure all evidence is bagged and tagged. On her way out the door, Daisy sees a familiar face. SIGH She fills out the citizen report and lets Brantley know that someone else will investigate his claim.

It’s a good thing Daisy is on the case because … valuable pieces of evidence are being overlooked! It isn’t easy not saying something to her co-workers or reporting them to the chief but then Daisy realizes that perhaps the chief already knows since she strongly “encouraged” Daisy to see the scene for herself.

The witness statements have a few minor differences and Daisy is quick to note that the information provided by Mr Munch is the most useful of the three.

Upon returning to the station, Daisy sees that the shift is winding down for the day and decides to take a brief nap before heading home. Dropping to the floor in utter exhaustion is not something she wants her co-workers, boss or criminals seeing.

Congratulations on your newest promotion, Sergeant Drifter!

Instead of walking in the door with news about her promotion, Daisy can only stop and stare at the chaos in front of her.

A dangerously exhausted Marcus is lost to the beat, ignoring how tired he is on his feet. Dinner is not ready. Mount Marc is about to explode! Where in the world is that Nanny? Daisy has a few choice things to say!

For some unknown reason, Nanny Sasaki was down the road and returns as soon as Daisy arrives home (really game?!). Daisy runs the tub and helps her husband settle in. Then she turns to Nanny and lets him know that Marc needs to be tucked in . NOW. As for Daisy, she’s going to grab 40 winks before dealing with anything else.

Nanny keeps a close eye on Marc and encourages Marcus to head to bed, nodding to Daisy as she heads out to check on the garden.

Daisy salvages what she can from the partially prepared meal and is able to put several containers of macaroni & cheese in the fridge. Time to head to bed, Daisy … you’ve had a long day! And as for Nanny? He will be staying overnight and attending to Marc’s needs.

Marc’s Stats:
I was hoping time with Nanny would give him a boost in one or two of these while Daisy was at work, but that didn’t happen. Grrr!

Daisy’s promotion bonus items definitely fluffed up their bank balance! I’m trying to see if I can find space on a wall to hang the seal.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 32

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