House 01: Day 30

Previous Day: Day 29

Day 30 (Monday)

How could Brantley possibly think Daisy would want to come to his birthday party? He’s lucky Marcus didn’t see that text!

Marcus seems to be in a good mood and Daisy wants things to get better between them so … she asks Marcus out on a date. Both agree that they don’t want to leave Marc without any type of warning since he’s still asleep and they have everything they need right here. Home date, it is!

It goes really well! Marcus compliments her cooking and she tells him that he’s sweet for doing the dishes. They sit on the couch and talk things through. Both still love the other and want this to work out.

Both will agree that their favorite part of the date was when Marcus pulled Daisy into their closet for a heavy make-out session.

Daisy is walking around on cloud 9 after their sneaky smooches and doesn’t roll her eyes when Marcus misunderstands his son babbling about the tub. Marc starts making grunting noises but resists Daisy’s efforts to get him to sit on the potty chair. Daisy holds her tongue and decides to “fight this particular battle” another time.

Marcus is sure to be hungry after his workout so Daisy begins making Fish Tacos for dinner. Instead of the three of them enjoying a meal together, Marcus places a bowl of cheese crackers in front of Marc. “It’s okay, Daisy. There will be other meals.” Daisy thinks to herself.

Marc really seems to like them enough to eat without making a fuss or a mess and Marcus is a dear for taking out the garbage without any complaints so Daisy adds to her growing list of things to be thankful for.

As soon as Daisy sets Marc down, he starts making those grunting noises again. Her efforts to herd him to the bathroom is thwarted by Marcus who kept trying to check on Marc and putting him back in the high chair. “Hon, he’s finished his crackers and really needs to sit on the potty. Thanks1” Daisy softens her words with a smile and a peck on his cheek as she & the tot on her hip head to the bathroom. “That’s right, Marc. When you need to go potty, use your special chair instead of your diaper. You’ll be much more comfortable afterward!”

Hooray! Daisy feels like she’s making progress.

Marcus came in to watch and left when it looked like everything was under control. Daisy hugged Marc and told him what a good job he did using the potty chair. Then he entertained her with funny faces and she told him a few funny stories.

For every step forward, there seems to be a step backward. Daisy let Marc know that if he wants to play, he can use the toys in the toybox instead of her bag of flour. Then they hugged it out. This for of calm discipline seems to work well & Daisy makes a mental note to try to use it more often than other choices.

Marcus smiles at Daisy and says he’ll take over since he knows Daisy is tired and has to work tomorrow. She kisses both of her guys good night and heads off to bed with a smile.

She doesn’t realize this means her two will dance and make funny faces at each other instead of calmer things that will end with Marc sleeping soundly through the night.

By the time 3:30 am rolled around and they showed no sign off slowing down, I decided it was time to grab a picture of his stats:

A few things were added to the kitchen in hopes that Marc would eat regular food at some point. She also bought a selection of the GORGEOUS pictures that Bree made!!!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 31

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