House 01: Day 3

The previous day: Day 2

Day 3 (Tuesday)

Daisy wakes up with just enough time to start her garden, but not water the seedlings, before she has to head off to work. Hope they survive today’s HEATWAVE!!


Daisy has been tasked with going out on patrol. I’m pretty sure her face indicates how thrilled she is with this ‘opportunity for growth’.

And away she goes …

There is a light drizzle at Hounds Head. sigh Daisy decides she is going to write: “Add an umbrella to the standard-issued uniform” and place it in the suggestion box.

There is nobody at this residence or nearby. Daisy knows because she walked around the home’s perimeter. She then strolls down to the nearby boardwalk and starts introducing herself to the locals.

Cadet Daisy notices a fight down by the dock (sorry, no picture … silly me forgot to pause) and picks up her pace before the citizens can disperse. Bella Goth is issued a citation for assaulting Brant Hecking.

While making the rounds, Daisy learns that the suspect to keep an eye out for is a hot-headed female teen with blond hair. She returns to the station in order to issue an APB.

Before Daisy issues that APB, she needs to improve her attitude (feeling rather tense). A pep talk in the mirror and a brief chess game with a co-worker helps.

Break time is over. Time to issue the APB!



Daisy brought Anaya to the booking station to get her fingerprints. When it didn’t produce a match, she went to talk to her chief and needless to say was a bit surprised at the response she got.

Daisy decided to grab a bite to eat while she mulled over things. Her meal of microwaveable pastry seemed to match her mood. Another item for the suggestion box: “Add more variety to the vending machine or better yet, allow delivery from one of the food stalls!”

Considering the day she had, Daisy was quite surprised to learn she had been promoted. Officer Drifter has a nice ring to it though!

Promotion daydreaming won’t get the chores of watering plants & quick collection run done. Oops! Daisy was more tired than she thought and grabbed a quick nap before heading home. At least she missed running into Tetsu, lol

It was creepy! While she was doing the collection run, Tetsu came by and stood in that one spot. He only left when she fell to the ground and took her snooze.

Daisy dragged her tired self home and grabbed a bite to eat before calling it a night (day? It’s a little after midnight!).

Her frog collection is coming along nicely! She has 11 of the 25 different kinds.


Daisy’s story continues in Day 4

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