House 01: Day 29

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Day 29 (Sunday)

It’s the first day of Winter! The new randomly rolled Lot Traits are …
Gnomes, Good Schools, Fast Internet

The Holiday was a success for both Marcus and Daisy. Shame that they didn’t get a chance to celebrate it together!

Marcus woke before Daisy and seems to be in a good mood … a really good mood if the last picture is any indication!

Daisy received this text while she was asleep. Declined.

Marc woke and indicated he wanted a bath, but that didn’t happen. (The trash can might have been in the way so I moved it.)

Then Marc indicated he wanted grilled cheese but got some sort of soft food instead. Marcus complained about the smell emanating from his son and resolved it by … moving further away to watch Marc while he ate.

Daisy woke to seeing a sad little boy sitting in the high chair while his daddy was on the computer. She scooped him up, wrinkled her nose and said with a smile … “Time for some Bubble Tub on the double!” After that, she began cleaning the bathroom mess.

Around this time … Brantley stopped by. Daisy let him in, hoping that perhaps enough time had gone by and the two men could at least be friendly toward one another if not friends. It didn’t go well. The guys pretty much ignored one another, Brantley cleaned while Marcus complained about the smell (not sure if it’s the dirty dishes, Daisy’s less than fresh self or Brantley he’s referring to!) & Marc tried to catch daddy’s attention with humorous babble.

Then things went even further south. Brantley pulled out a book of love poetry to read to Daisy. Talk about awkward! She quickly informed him that they are just friends. She’s married & has a family and is exactly where she wishes to be. He indicated he was cool with it and THEN tried to flirt with her. All of this took place IN FRONT of Marcus and Marc! Daisy stood up and told Brantley to leave. “You ignore my polite request to stop! You disrespect me and my family! I want you to leave, Brantley! NOW!!”

Unfortunately, the damage was already done! As soon as I saw what was going on, I mashed cancel to all of Brantley’s actions but they didn’t stop quick enough. Daisy’s Great Reputation that she earned yesterday is gone thanks to Brantley’s actions. Not only that … Marcus is furious with Daisy for cheating on him. I could have cried when all of this happened to poor Daisy. She didn’t do anything but got burned because of it anyway.

Marcus studiously ignores Daisy while teaching his son to dance. Daisy quietly steps away to clean up the lunch dishes and the two guys leave the room without anyone saying a word. There was a bright spot to this … Marc used the potty ALL BY HIMSELF!!

Daisy receives another job offer while she’s out in the garden. Declined.

Marc comes out to the garden to give Daisy a hug! This IS the first time he’s initiated one!! Daisy is over the moon (and so am I!) and plays with her son, enjoying his infectious giggles. Then she goes inside to make amends with Marcus.

Daisy plays another round of Mama Bear and soon has both of her guys laughing. Things are looking on the bright side once more.

… Or were. Daisy asks Marc if he’d like to play Flash Cards and doesn’t appreciate his outburst (the joys of an Independent Toddler!). Marcus leaves the room while this is going on. After his outburst and Daisy calmly letting him know that this is unacceptable behavior (more hits to their relationship bar), Marc sits down and they begin to play the game.

Marc has had enough and wanders off mid-game to put himself to bed. For some unknown reason, Daisy bypasses the stools & living room furniture to eat while next to her son.

No one is more surprised than Daisy with what happened next!


Both Marcus and Daisy race to get little Marc out of the house. Daisy is overwhelmed by all her thoughts & emotions and hugs Marcus in relief, needing to feel his strong arms firmly around her.

Marc once again takes himself to bed and Daisy thinks this is a good thing because Marcus unleashes all of his anger at her. “You flirted with another man in front of me and my son!” But, but I didn’t … “You set the house on fire and could have gotten us all killed!” It, it was an accident … “You need to decide what is important or should I say WHO is important and get your priorities straight!” Before Daisy could get in another word, Marcus storms into the house.

Marcus works on relaxing and unwinding while a quiet Daisy works on setting the house back in order and getting meals ready in advance since she is the only one to do so.

While putting the food in the fridge, Daisy hears the sound of little feet behind her. A concerned looking little boy gives a small smile and Daisy drops down to the floor in front of him. “No matter what happens, your dad and I love YOU and will do everything in our power to keep you safe!”

Daisy reads about the adventures of Frog and his Fiddler Crab friend & soon her son is deep in dreamland once more. What a surprise his stats are!!

Then she quietly tiptoes into their bedroom and joins her sleeping husband.

Not quite day Daisy thought she’d be having!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 30

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      1. Dani has a wash tub and clothesline. I will upgrade to a washer but am keeping the line. Daisy doesn’t have space for one so will need to do upgrades and decrease the chances of breakdowns. Hopefully.

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