House 01: Day 27

Previous Day: Day 26

Day 27 (Friday)

The gnomes ended their visit by checking out Daisy’s lemon tree. I thought this was really cute!

Daisy enjoyed the Harvestfest Holiday.

Marcus did not.

It didn’t bother him or keep him from doing the things he enjoys. Look! He’s reading a parenting book!!

Looking out the window, Daisy can tell that it’s going to be an odd day weather-wise.

LOVE seeing the spontaneous love between these two! They are cute together! Daisy changed her view while eating “breakfast” so she could enjoy the view, ha ha. Not really … Marcus tends to interrupt her meals so he can kiss her cheek and then she stands around eating afterward.

While cleaning the sink, Daisy decides she wants to start making a few improvements around the place. Sturdier faucets are a must! She’s glad Marc is sleeping so soundly & wonders what he could be dreaming about.

The rain has stopped. Daisy decides this is as good a time as any to step outside and take care of her garden. Ugh! There’s a mud puddle in front of the front door. Hopefully, no one (especially those with little feet!) steps in it & tracks mud all over their nice wooden floors.

Around this time, Marc is waking up. It’s so nice seeing Marcus tend to his son!

Coming back inside, Daisy notices that their dryer is on the fritz and decides to tackle fixing it herself. She can always call the repair shop if her efforts make things worse. A clean boy comes out to the living room and dances with joy. Daisy is happy to see his smiling face!

Marcus settles down for a nap and Daisy recalls that she forgot to tend her back garden. Oops! She returns inside and is pleased to see a giggling boy asking for a snack & honors his request with a small bowl of chips.

Now it’s raining harder as thunder & lightning fill the sky. Marcus and Daisy distract Marc by talking about the sounds animals makes in the hopes that their various loud noises will soothe any fears he might have. Hugs help with this, too.

The rain hitting the windows is a gentle reminder that it’s time to start teaching Marc how to use the potty. It’s going well enough but the two incoming text messages distract Daisy’s concentration long enough for Marc to have a little accident & Daisy is quick to reassure her son that there’s nothing to worry about. Accidents happen.

You can’t read the messages, but Eric invited her to join him at the Spice Festival since he’s sick and is hoping it will clear up his sinuses. Going out in this weather to meet an ill co-worker? Thanks, but no thanks! And of course, Brantley (in a Santa cap, no less!) wants to go on a date. Still?

Marcus has his own way of handling stormy weather.

Marc is quite happy to be doing stuff on his own and Daisy keeps an eye on him while she prepares dinner. He seems to like the peas she placed in front of him.

Tonight’s story is about a Fox’s Birthday Party and Marc seems to like that one. They’re going to sleep well tonight!

Marc’s skill stats: Outside of beginning potty training, I had Daisy leave Marc alone in regards to building skills to see what would happen. A little bit of gains in Communication, Imagination & Thinking. He made a larger increase in Movement, thanks to the stereo being on. No angry little boy tossing temper tantrums around is definitely a big plus.

Wanting to get a computer but need to be sure there is plenty to pay bills. Haven’t gotten a bill since the majority of improvements have been put in place and am curious to know how much I should budget for.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 28

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