House 01: Day 25

Precious Day: Day 24

Day 25 (Wednesday)

One meal. Many interesting expressions! ( I LOVE watching Marcus & take way too many pictures of him!)

He enjoys Daisy’s cooking and is curious to know how she does it.

Daisy wakes and takes care of Marc then decides to hire a Nanny & relieve some of Marcus’ stress. As she’s doing this, she hears an unwelcome sound through the wall. Sigh Need to call for Repair Service since she won’t have time to tackle this project herself.

Daisy crosses paths with Nanny Sasaki as she’s heading out the door to meet her carpool ride. He looks pleasant and seems to know his priorities since the first words spoken were, “Hi! I’m Nanny Sasaki. Please excuse me while I go introduce myself to your son.”

Such a comfort knowing that the Nanny is on duty so Marcus can focus on other important things.

Naoki Mori might seem cranky but he knows his stuff & soon has the tub in working order again. Marcus and Nanny tidy the house so Daisy won’t have to. How nice!!

Marcus starts the laundry & doesn’t seem to mind Nanny’s unsolicited advice on how to get rid of dirt stains. He also doesn’t grumble when he’s abruptly woken from his nap by the TV. What a keeper Marcus is!

Murphy’s Law: Things will break right after the repair man leaves!

For some unknown reason, work sent Daisy home early. She didn’t get a full day’s salary (boo!) but loves the way her husband welcomes her home (so cute!!)

Daisy makes arrangements with Nanny to stay a little longer so she can finish a few chores and take a much needed nap.

Daisy wakes to a slight commotion in the kitchen. She knows exactly what to do …

1. With a smile, Daisy walks Nanny to the door and thanks him for his help. she can take it from here.

2. While she’s pulling out the toolbox from under the sink, Daisy encourages Marcus to go and have a bit of a lie down. “You look tired, hon!”

3. Now that the sink is fixed and her boys are in bed, Daisy transfers the wash to the dryer (Marcus tends to miss this step!) & opens the DIY Manual because it’s time to get a better idea of what she’s doing before she causes irreparable damage.

Another feeding and burp session has Marc dozing off in Daisy’s arms and it’s time to spend a little time with her husband. Sorry, Brantley … a dance party at the Bluffs sounds like fun but they already have plans.

Later that night … Daisy takes care of Marc so hopefully he’ll sleep through the night. She also prepares a few meals in advance because a baby keeps you busy! The last thing Daisy does before heading off to bed is tell herself a story. She wants to practice as much as possible before having to entertain Marc with her various character voices.


Daisy’s story continues in Day 26

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