House 01: Day 24

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Day 24 (Tuesday)

Due to a paperwork mix-up, Daisy doesn’t have Family Leave & has to return to work. She quickly takes care of Marc’s needs so she can eat breakfast with her husband before changing & heading out the door. On her way out, she thinks she hears something … but decides Marcus will have to handle it since her ride just arrived and is honking the horn rather persistently.

(I send Daisy off to do her thing so I can watch Marcus to see what he does)
The following pictures are taken throughout the day so they’re not in the order they happened:
He cleans and takes care of the garden (weed & water, not harvest). The front garden because he never sets foots inside the fenced-in one. Come to think of it, he never has.

He is better with taking care of Marc than I expected, yay. Marcus chats with Marc, takes care of diaper duty & gives plenty of cuddle time. The only problem is … he doesn’t FEED the baby! There is a message popup indicating that Marc is very hungry and if not fed soon, could be taken away. GASP Daisy is still at work & I can’t do anything with Marcus except watch with fingers crossed.

Marcus also discovers the gift Daisy left him which is good because he really enjoys the cake she made. So much so that he grabs it before other food choices!

During lunchtime, Daisy calls home to see how things are going and is glad Marcus isn’t pulling his hair out. He assures her that things are fine, except that Marc cries a lot because he must be missing his mom. Aww! As they’re ending their call, she gets a text message. That’s pretty nice of Brantley!

As soon as she arrives home, Daisy feeds & cuddles her son. While soothing little Marc, she sees her husband looking really tired & calls out, “Take a rest, have some water. You look like you’ve gotten overheated!” before placing Marc back in his bassinet. Marcus catches her in a quick hug before she can do anything else (obviously he missed her!). He also ignores her advice to rest & helps her take care of the toilet troubles.

Around then, Tetsu texts with an offer to dine out. Daisy IS hungry but … she’s also really tired & doubts dining with a vampire is going to be fun. Sure he called with an invite but like most sims, has a tendency to disappear when it’s time to pay the bill. Thanks, but no thanks.

Daisy collapses on the couch for a quick nap, not noticing Marcus coming to grab a bite to eat. Marcus is sad that she’s too tired to talk because he really wants to have some adult conversation after a day spent at home with their son.

Marcus does the dishes and cleans the bathroom while he waits for Daisy to wake. knock knock Marcus quickly answers the door and steps outside so as to not wake her while he talks with the pale fellow dressed all in black. (in the meantime I’m saying, “No Marcus! Ignore the door. Don’t talk to Vlad! Do something else … anything else … & watch helplessly as he ignores me)

Daisy wakes and starts preparing dinner, making extra so Marcus doesn’t have to fend for himself when she’s at work. She has this weird sensation of being watched but a quick peek around, shows nobody but her in the room. (LOVE the erratic trait!) Marcus comes in, greeting her with a quick peck (Aww!!!), and tells her about his day before heading off to bed.

When he gets to the part about a visitor dressed all in black, hanging onto his every word, Daisy jokes that he must find Marcus as attractive as she does. As soon as Daisy sits down, Marcus grabs a mug of the tea he made & joins her. It’s getting late so Daisy packs a lunch before seeking bed too.

Peeking in on Marc, she notes that he’s sound asleep & heads to get ready for bed herself. That’s a big NOPE because Marc cries out at that exact moment. A diaper change & after-midnight feeding has him settled down once more. Whew! Daisy can finally climb into bed.

Notice the last picture in the foursome above? Here is the rest of that image so you know the full “story”! Daisy is dragging her butt to bed at 3:30 AM and Brantley wants to go out on a date??!!! Are you kidding me?! I thought he’d be fine with Daisy being off-the-market but apparently he isn’t. Creeper.

Found an easy solution for storing the frogs. A chest! Marcus sure likes to make tea even though Daisy put his extras from before in the fridge.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 25

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