House 01: Day 23

Previous Day: Day 22

Day 23 (Monday)

Marcus pulls the laundry from the dryer before joining Daisy. He’s too excited to eat! Daisy can’t tell if it’s from the TV show he’s watching or him wanting to play catch with his kid.

TODAY is Marcus’ Birthday! Daisy decides to make him a cake.

Chore Time. Daisy definitely got the better end of that bargain!

The bills have arrived. They went from $497 to $704 … a large jump but still quite manageable on Daisy’s salary.

Daisy throws a small Surprise Party for Marcus (not an official Social Event). Her co-workers, Seiji & Miko, make it but Marcus’ friend, Paolo, doesn’t stay. Marcus doesn’t seem to mind. There’s CAKE after all! He’s not a fan of the aches & pains that come with getting older but likes that Daisy is still willing to kiss his boo-boos.

Seiji & Miko join them for cake. Daisy asks if he’d like to pen a memoir or jot down some sort of family history to pass along to the next generation. Marcus isn’t sure what he wants to do but is pumped up just thinking about the possibilities!

Preparing for Baby! Her: Reading a Parenting Book. Him: Making tea and reading a Romance Novel. It’s easy to see where their focus will be, lol

Daisy turns in early & goes into labor a little later. As soon as her contraction passes, she lets Marcus know they need to go to the hospital. It’s so nice to have a calm man at a time like this!

Marcus starts to panic as soon as they arrive at the hospital. “What do I do? Where do I go? Doctor Gage is pretty old, hope he doesn’t collapse during delivery!” Daisy rolls her eyes and heads to the check-in desk.

Marcus continues panicking and runs around here & there until he finds a sea of calm in this frenzy.

As soon as the check-in process is complete, Daisy heads to the Delivery Room. She learns that Doctor Gage is Chief of Staff and relaxes. Everything is in good hands with such an experienced Doctor after all. Right?!

Welcome to the family, Marc!

Daisy cuddles her son and counts his toes & fingers. So cute! When he starts to cry & squirm, Daisy wonders if Marcus is still in full-blown panic mode & got lost on his way to the Delivery Room.

Back at home, Marcus hugs and kisses his wife. “Congratulations, hon!” Then he heads off to bed while she settles Marc down for the night.


Daisy’s story continues in Day 24

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