House 01: Day 22

Previous Day: Day 21

Day 22 (Sunday)

Marcus seems to be a bit of a Night Owl as he goes about his business while Daisy sleeps.

Daisy will be so surprised when she wakes up and finds out that Marcus helped in the garden! (his 1st time)

Seiji sends a Wedding Congratulation text. How nice! But … why doesn’t anyone send a card with a GIFT?! (Note: Daisy is telling herself a story while cooking … maybe it’s about S3 wedding gifts arriving in the mail, lol) So far, Grilled Cheese is the only meal that she is good at making.

Daisy loves how Marcus periodically pecks her on the cheek and they can joke around until she’s in tears. It would be nice if he did laundry, but she can’t complain too much since he drops his things in the basket and not on the floor.

Marcus receives Wedding Congratulations from Katrina & Caleb stops by to offer his in person. How nice! Daisy happily discovers that her garden has been watered & weeded so all she has to do is collect the harvest. Speaking of harvest … time for one more collection run before she gets too uncomfortable (or busy!) to do another one. Brantley also sends Congratulations. That’s rather nice, considering that Daisy chose Marcus over him. Maybe there’s no hard feelings between them after all.

Daisy bred a Sunflower Frog with a Spotted Eggplant Frog and got an Eggplant Frog. Her collection is now COMPLETE! That means … her Aspiration (The Curator) is DONE!! Congratulations, Daisy! :tada:

So close and yet so far away! Daisy was on her way home but didn’t make it in time. Poor Daisy! (I’m going to say it’s the pressure from the baby bump, lol, as it’s the second time today she had a bladder failure.)

After her shower, Daisy heads into the kitchen to grab a bite. Marcus gives her a peck before he begins his next set of reps. So sweet! Oh my! Daisy entered her third trimester! They’ll soon be welcoming their baby nooboo … how EXCITING!!!

Daisy’s back is starting to hurt and she wishes there was a place to get a massage. Before heading to bed early, she grabs another selfie with Marcus ~ this will be their last one before becoming PARENTS ~ Marcus does another set of reps before joining her.

Their Bank Balance is looking really good and just in time! There’s a lot of things to buy while raising a child!!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 23

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