House 01: Day 21

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Day 21 (Saturday)

It’s nice knowing that Marcus doesn’t leave a mess and expect Daisy to clean up after him.

This is NOT the morning either expect. Marcus is in MOURNING because his friend, Genji Tanaka, passed. Daisy is having MORNING SICKNESS. Her workday starts in 10 minutes so there’s nothing she can do to make things better for either of them.

There’s a flurry of activity at the station because there’s plenty of evidence to issue an APB. Daisy gets sent to the last known location of the suspect & immediately tosses her cookies. She decides a toothbrush and travel-sized mouthwash are going to be in her purse from now on. Yuck!

Maki Sakamoto fits the description but Daisy takes the time to question her before bringing Maki in for questioning.

During the Interrogation, Maki’s attitude varies and so does her statement. Things aren’t adding up & Daisy presses further. Maki breaks down and give a full confession. Case closed!

End of Shift arrives and Daisy is more than ready to go home! How frustrating it is to know that there isn’t any access to this bit of metal that hit the roof during the last thunderstorm.

Daisy’s stomach is still queasy & Marcus is still very sad. It’s really sweet how she greets him with a kiss and tries to help soothe his pain. (Note: The game has them greeting with a kiss and/or a hug each time they see one another after being apart. I love this!)

6:29 PM: Brantley texts to ask Daisy out on a date. Decline.

6:39 PM: Brantley texts to invite her to the Romance Festival. Daisy thinks a change of scenery will be good for her AND Marcus & mentions it. After he agrees, Daisy accepts for both of them.

Sorry, Brantley, this gal is taken!! Daisy tries to get Marcus’ mind on other things and decides not to talk about the baby in the hopes that he’ll relax and have some fun.

It seems to be working. They’re having a terrific time!! Both are enjoying being together … drinking sakura tea (although for some reason Daisy didn’t follow Marcus to sit down) … Marcus is having a nice chat with Dominic so Daisy collects a few things for her garden. Or tries to. (this dragon fruit gives routing issues, grrr!)

The plants at the festival are PERFECT quality but their produce is NORMAL. quality Boo on you, game.

Daisy fantasizes about weddings when she sees the arch. It’s so PRETTY!! She wants to show it to Marcus and is glad she is because Moira is frowning over at Marcus & her husband, Dominic. Perhaps those two need to spend some alone time together. Speaking of alone … it got really awkward when Brantley stood by them. (The picture doesn’t show it but Brantley has a broken heart thought bubble. Sorry, Brantley!)

There’s a a Heat of the Moment Proposal? Daisy thinks she has nothing to lose and decides to go for it.

Mr Noncommittal says YES!!

The arch has a Heat of the Moment Wedding action tied to it. You know what happens next …


Daisy buys a festival t-shirt as a souvenir and asks Marcus what he thinks. She likes his answer!!

Look at her baby bump!

Daisy gets a craving to try Ramen. The chopsticks look easy to use but aren’t and Daisy tries not to wear her meal. The “floor show entertainment” is interesting. Oh, no! The baby must be pressing down hard on Daisy’s belly because she has bladder failure when all indicators were that there was more time to get her to a bathroom. UGH!!! Sorry, Daisy!!!

Thankfully, Marcus seems to not notice Daisy’s dilemma. Maybe he’s getting an idea or two of his own?

Her frog collection only needs TWO more frogs: Eggplant and Sunflower. As soon as she gets those, her aspiration (the Collector) will be complete!! The second Bathroom and Nursery are coming along nicely too.

What a nice home to come home to!


Daisy’s story continues in Day 22

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