House 01: Day 20

Previous Day: Day 19

Day 20 (Friday)

Here’s a look at some of the things bought to make the home cozier & a bit more private. Rugs and window coverings for the bedroom and bathroom.

Sharing a meal is really nice as is having someone willing to take turns doing dishes along with taking out the trash/cleaning out the fridge. Daisy is thankful for what Marcus does do and chooses to not nag him about leaving books all over the place. Nobody’s perfect.

He’s also kind enough not to bang on the bathroom door when she takes a longer time than usual.

Daisy receives a text from Brantley while she’s packing a lunch to take to work. Nice of him to offer congratulations.

The lab results from her evidence gathering are in and quite a bit of headway has been made. Daisy adds the new info to the case board and steps back to see the overall picture.

Feeling like there could be more, Daisy continues to test evidence samples. She receives a text from Caleb offering congratulations. Word is definitely getting around ! Daisy wonders why Caleb couldn’t have simply popped his head in and told her instead of sending a text. Men & their tech toys!! lol

Daisy gets a call about a second scene and heads over to gather evidence and additional witness statements. The graffiti on the ground bears a striking resemblance to the others and is obviously done by the same hand.

End of shift. Daisy is promoted to Senior Detective and looks forward to sharing her news with Marcus. Aww, how nice … he’s meeting her at the sidewalk!

Since mornings can get a bit hectic, Daisy decides to pack a sack lunch and stick it in the fridge so she can grab & go. Seiji texts about a Talent Showcase at the lounge and invites them to join him. Daisy goes to ask Marcus and ends up replying “rain check?” before making dinner.

Poor Marcus is thoroughly exhausted and sleeps through Daisy’s calling out, “Dinner’s ready!” She eats alone and hopes this doesn’t become a habit between them. She then heads out to her garden so as to not make too much noise and disturb his slumber.

Later on … Marcus is awake …

Daisy is pleasantly surprised when the test comes back positive and looks forward to sharing the good news with Marcus.

His response left her feeling a little uncertain and she stood there with an awkward smile on her face, trying to figure out if she made a mistake. When he sees emotions flitting across her face, Marcus gives a small smile and says, “If she’s happy, then he’s happy.” Not exactly the ringing endorsement she was hoping for but maybe things will change when he sees his little nooboo for the first time.

Daisy wonders if a vacation before the frenzy would be a good idea.

Now that there’s a bundle of joy on the way, Daisy needs to seeing about making sure there is enough money to get all the necessities.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 21

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