House 01: Day 18

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Day 18 (Wednesday)

Daisy’s phone beeps and she checks it in case it’s important. It’s Brantley wanting to go on a date. Looking at the time, she groans. “It’s 3:59 AM, you idiot! By the time I get there, the bar will probably be closing or I find myself on a non-date date with you again while you critique their menu. Thanks, but no thanks!” click

The new case is interesting but creepy. Daisy efficiently collects witness statements & evidence (both visible and slightly hidden) so she can head back to the office as soon as possible.

Daisy discovers a couple of pieces of key evidence and pins the reports to the case board.

The end of the shift is upon her before she knows it.

Here’s a peek at the things Daisy had delivered!

Ouch! After several cuts and a few outbursts, Daisy finishes making dinner.

She’s in desperate need of some fun! After venting with a few forbidden words, Daisy calmly finishes eating and takes a nap before inviting Marcus over.

Their date goes well!

Daisy is walking around on a happy little cloud. They haven’t even kissed & just thinking about it makes Daisy fan herself. Whew! Is it warm in here? Before she can talk herself out it, Daisy puts in a request for a vacation day and is happy at the quick acceptance.

Plenty to think/dream about tonight, eh Daisy?!

The house is steadily turning into a home!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 19

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