House 01: Day 16

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Day 16 (Monday)

Daisy’s phone pings with an incoming text while she’s in the shower. Checking it afterward, Daisy smiles. Salim’s a nice guy.

With a little bit of research, Daisy now knows a few things about Sage. Finding some Basil might be nice … these three herbs will surely flavor most meals. Once she learns how to cook, that is!

Daisy invites Brantley over and upon noticing that he arrived in a bored mood, tries to turn his frown upside down.

After a bit of chatter, Daisy dares to ask him out on a date. Wah wah wah … utter failure. How embarrassing! She then shares her insecurities: having never been on a date and certainly not knowing what to do if she is lucky enough to go on one. Not one of your finer moments, Daisy! She then pulls out her phone to show cute cat videos & various animal memes in an attempt to salvage things.

Eventually, Daisy attempts a bit of flirty behavior. It isn’t exactly rejected but certainly isn’t being reciprocated by Mr. Romantic himself.

As usual, any lull in the conversation seems like a perfect time for him to unleash various complaints. After hearing several in a row, Daisy wonders why in plum would she think that romance would be smooth sailing with this particular guy. He might be fairly attractive but … is he worth the hassle?

knock knock Hello, Marcus! What a difference in greetings these two guys offer. (Note: I didn’t queue hug or picture taking, that was Daisy being Daisy. Surprised me to say the least when all I did was click on “chat”!) Marcus wants to move? Maybe he’s tired of his roommate situation (Note: He has 3: Paolo, Jade & Eva).

Daisy mentions feeling a bit embarrassed and before she knows it, Marcus turns the conversation into something all three of them can enjoy. What? NOW you want to try flirting, Brantley? Your timing is terrible and makes Daisy feel even more awkward than she already does.

Totally forgot to take pictures during this!! After some awkward flirting on Brantley’s part, Daisy leaves the room and the two guys play chess. It’s getting late and Daisy isn’t feeling like having company any longer so she says goodbye to each. At this point there is a “fix relationship” option (Brantley with Marcus & vice versa). Daisy has no clue what this means and obviously has much to think about.

A little later … knock knock It’s Marcus! Stopping by to see how Daisy is doing. Her place looks great but he warns her about expanding too quickly and being unable to afford the upkeep.

Daisy takes the bulls by the horn and …

COOKS for the 1st time! The best grilled cheese EVER!!!

Marcus seems to appreciate it and gotta love a guy who cleans up after himself.

No collection run because Daisy was trying to sort out her relationship status.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 17

5 thoughts on “House 01: Day 16

    1. No, not at all. She’s Cheerful, Erratic & Loves Outdoors. Going from poor quality salad AND fruit salad to this made me happy. I might force her to make them and nothing else so her family eats a well-made meal. Ha ha

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