House 01: Day 15

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Day 15 (Sunday)

It’s the 1st day of fall so that means … new Lot Traits!! Goodbye, Penny Pixies and Dog Hangout … Hello, …
Quake Zone, Gnomes, Peace & Quiet

Little by little, the house is starting to take shape. The pergola adds a bit of interest to the front of the house & the garden is safe from various animals.

Daisy receives a text right as she’s heading out to do a collection run. It’s Brantley, wanting to meet at Pupperstone Park! Daisy decides that she can collect another time … this is a golden opportunity to get to know him better.

Things start off okay. Daisy can’t tell if he cares for her joke or not, but she learns that he is a Restaurant Critic.

The chess table is busy so Daisy leads them to a nearby picnic table in hopes of getting to know him better. Conversation goes in bits and spurts, mainly because Brantley has a tendency to walk off whenever there is a lull in conversation. Don’s text invitation is perfect timing! She’s sure Brantley will enjoy dining at this restaurant and asks Don if it’s okay to bring a guest.

Daisy is a bit embarrassed by how loud her tummy is grumbling when they arrive but soon forgets about that when she takes a good look at Brantley. Who knew that he was such a fit fellow? Or that his eyes are rather soulful looking once the glasses are removed? Daisy does dig his glasses though.

Daisy requests a table while the guys are discussing some sort of app. Each of them takes a seat on opposite sides of the table and for a brief moment, Daisy isn’t sure where she should sit. Sitting across from Brantley will make it easier to look at him while talking & that what she does. After discussing food preferences, they place their orders.

Brantley tells some sort of long convoluted story. It’s quite entertaining, but Daisy and Don glance at one another as they try to puzzle out the punch line. Guess you had to have been there, Daisy thinks with a mental shrug.

While waiting for their food, conversation bounces from topic to topic including the favorite get-to-know-you question: Cake or Pie? Brantley seems pleased that Daisy mentions his career to Don.

Daisy wants to know what the deal is with various celebrities but neither guys have an answer and quickly turn the conversation to a joke they’ve both heard. Joking about death here (the urn can still be seen on a counter in the kitchen area!) seems a bit tasteless so she’s glad when the food arrives.

Don and Daisy appreciate the food tips that Brantley is willing to share (pro!) but any lull in the conversation has him mentioning a complaint of some sort (con!) and then he leaves without so much as a goodbye or thank you for the meal & conversation (ugh! another point added to the con side!). Don jokes about him needing to jet.

Brantley returns from his jog right after Don politely excuses himself.

Later that evening, Daisy has a quick snack before turning in for the night. (The gnome message is cute! Will have to see what happens when/if Daisy or a guest breaks something!)

Doing pretty well but have a long ways to go before this house is finished!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 16

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