House 01: Day 14

Previous Day: Day 13

Day 14 (Saturday)

Daisy is in a great mood! She had fun last night & sends Eric a thank you text. Maybe they can become friends, if not good friends.

Ugh! Daisy arrived at work and realized that while she is here … her umbrella is AT home!

Then one of the analyzers break while Daisy is using it & it gobbles up her evidence. Umm, sure, Daisy could fix it if she was handy (which she isn’t!) but decides to be safe and ask around for help. Thank Sim for Miko!

:cloud_lightning: FLASH! CRACKLE! ZAP! :cloud_lightning: The windows lit up like someone had turned on all the lights AND spotlights! Peering outside, Daisy sees an interesting sight and quickly zips outside to investigate. She finds this nice piece of metal.

Daisy can’t believe her good luck! While the analyzer is being repaired, she delves deep into the database and discovers a little nugget that uncovers another and then another … clues came to light that had previously been hidden away in shadowy corners here & there.

The case board is filling out nicely!

There must be something in the air besides the weather! The analyzer and 3 computers broke during Daisy’s shift. Thank Sim there are several who know their way around a toolbox!!

Daisy does her best to help console those who knew Saanvi well.

End of Shift. Daisy brings home $445 and a PROMOTION! Congratulations, Detective Drifter!!

The crystals and metals that had been sent to the Geo Council have been analyzed and returned. One more element is needed, according to their letter. Daisy heads out on a collection run and is pleasantly surprised to find lemonade and a hot dog on the table near the stall and no one around. “Their loss, my gain!”, Daisy says with a smile. Yum!

How uncomfortable! Daisy is heading home when she gets an incoming text from Seiji. “Well … parks do have facilities after all and it would be nice to go somewhere lush & green.”, she quietly reasons before saying yes to her friend.

Daisy covers her chuckle with a welcoming smile. What idiotic stylist convinced him that this is a good look? She needs to take her fashion fumbling friend shopping! After freshening up, they look at the stars. Isn’t the sky absolutely GORGEOUS!! “Thank you for a nice, relaxing time.”, Daisy hugs her friend goodbye before heading home to hit the hay.

Looking good. Real good!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 15

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