House 01: Day 13

Previous Day: Day 12

Day 13 (Friday)
Night on the Town

Happy Holiday! Today is Night on the Town. Free Food & Drinks!! There’s also an event at the Stargazer Lounge.

First things first, getting ready for work. Ugh … what is that SMELL? Hmm … the dogs left food behind and now it’s spoiled. Daisy hates the thought of wasting money but dislikes seeing starving stray dogs even more.

Daisy happens to see Marcus chatting with another sim and decides to say hello, but duty calls before she can join him. Off to work Daisy goes! Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Sunny at home but overcast & rainy at work. Daisy really needs an umbrella!

Daisy isn’t sure if the “tears” from the sky are worse than those found inside. Seeing the urn is a sad reminder of loss & missed opportunities.

Working her way through the police database, Daisy uncovers a small piece of evidence that wasn’t noted before and pins this info on the case board.

Daisy spends the rest of the day sifting through evidence boxes and files to be sure nothing else was overlooked by grieving officers. She finds a few small bits on other cases and sends copies of her efforts to the various detectives in charge.

Daisy can barely keep her eyes open & realizes she needs to take a quick nap before she starts making mistakes. Those would definitely cost her the promotion she’s sure she’ll be getting any day now.

She wakes long enough to hear co-workers discussing the Spice Festival before closing her eyes once more. She’s sooo tired and hits the snooze button on her alarm one more time.


Daisy barely gets her foot in the door before she gets a text. Oh? This IS a surprise! Daisy ponders her choices before making a decision.

It’s warm (due to the crush of the crowd) & lightly raining (as long as there isn’t lightning, it should be okay …right?!). But the view … Oh My Sim! Daisy is really glad she came. Even if she keeps forgetting to get an umbrella before venturing forth.

Just then Daisy’s phone dings with an incoming text. Another one? Caleb is inviting her to join him at the Spice Festival. Should she go? If so, does she bring Eric? Should she decline?

Daisy thanks Caleb but lets him know she already has plans. Maybe another time. Daisy & Eric enjoy a conversation about cake, followed by a joke about Sunset Valley. Celebrity? What Celebrity? We’re talking about C-A-K-E here!!

Daisy remembers Thorne Bailey from seeing him at the station. He’s okay, she guesses. Wait! What are YOU doing, Daisy? (the game grabbed her and made her fangirl over Thorne!) there are perfectly eligible, attainable men around here if you get those stars out of your eyes & take a good look around.

Brytani seems fun but Daisy wants food and to get out of the drizzle.

Nice of Eric to save her a seat, maybe he’s not such a bad guy after all. Yum! These Pita & Hummus Tapas are delicious. And free. Don’t forget free. Free food and celebrity sightings … Eric picked a pretty sweet place for them to hang out at.

Daisy is glad she stayed. Eric is both funny and smart. They got into a deep conversation about the galaxy and stars that might not have happened otherwise.

YAWN Daisy is really tired but finds herself out on the dance floor after the Bartender calls out, “LAST DANCE!” … A shame nobody is in the mood for poetry read by a guy in a swimsuit … SIGH Daisy really really needs to get an umbrella!

How she managed to make it home & into bed without passing out is anybody’s guess.

She bought an umbrella stand!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 14

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