House 01: Day 10

Previous Day: Day 9

Day 10 (Tuesday)

The next morning, Daisy enjoys some yogurt before going on a collection run. While out & about, Seiji texts that Caleb is a pretty cool friend to have and she thanks him for letting her know. She’s glad none of her co-workers or friends can see her now.

Daisy cleans up and asks Marcus to join her at Pier One Steakhouse. Not exactly a date but a good indicator as to whether they’d rub along well together.

Things seem to be going fine until a celebrity sets her glass down on their table as she passes by. This bothers Daisy but Marcus’ comments became increasingly ruder and she isn’t too happy with him either. Daisy turns away to compose herself and can hear Marcus continue to chuckle over the entire thing.

What is THIS?! Daisy’s co-worker, Saanvi Raghavan, is dining with Dhruv! That ex-con is everywhere. Could Saanvi has been part of the reason why Dhruv is not behind bars?

Daisy tries not to focus on the table behind her but can’t help looking over after Saanvi stops by & says hello. Dhruv is nowhere to be seen! Before things can get any more awkward, their food arrives. It looks good!!

Could things possibly get any worse? Eric Lewis arrives with family in tow. “Please don’t sit by me. Please don’t sit by me. Please don’t …” Shoot! Why is he such a jerk to Daisy when he’s so nice around his family?

Hang on? Did Marcus say something about moving? Is there something to celebrate?? No … Marcus obviously meant move and work off his meal. Umm, bye Marcus.

Daisy tracks down their waiter, Salim, to send compliments to the chef and pay her … no, their bill since Marcus didn’t pay his portion.

Ahh! It’s good to be home and sleeping in a real bed.

Getting there!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 11

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