House 01: Birthday

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Marc increased his Cooking by one point on Saturday.

The game had him age up at 11:10 pm on Saturday night!

He gained the Glutton trait and has the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration.
He also gained THREE positive traits (out of five; not bad for not controlling him!)

These were chosen by using the random generator and you might recall, selected when Marc became a child.

As soon as he aged up, Mike asked for advice about homework.

This was enough to place Mike in range to earn the Responsible Trait and … Marc earned one point in the Parenting Skill.

Marc invites his childhood nanny, Akito Sasaki, over and interviews him for the position of caregiver.

Akito is retired and has plenty of pep left in his step to care for a boy about to transition into teen. Marc makes the offer and Akito accepts!

Day 1: an empty lot
Day 63: a 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom home worth $65,133

FINAL Bank Balance:
Marc cooked several meals and I fed Cookie. There should be enough money to handle bills while Mike is still in school especially since Akito also brought some funds with him (not shown).

This means that House 01 is officially done!!!!

Minimum 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom house worth at least $30k Simoleons – YES!
Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult stage – YES!
House 01 Grade: PASS

NOTE: After challenge was done, I went back in to:
*Finish upgrades
**Remove CC pictures and family pictures
***Remove tombstones
This polished version is now available in the gallery: House 01

On to House 02!

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