Fang Life Challenge

MUST have the Vampires game pack!
Other packs mentioned add flavor or things to do, but challenge can be played without them.

Synopsis: You are a high school student living on your own. Your parent, older sibling, other relative or guardian travels for work (think Japanese anime) so you are responsible for yourself … going to school and taking care of your home. A chance meeting causes some changes in your everyday life and things will never be the same again!

Create a teen (non-occult Sim).
Do not pick any vampire aspiration at creation time.

Do not use any cheats unless told to do so.
Allowed to use cheat to reset stuck Sim.

Lifespan: normal length.
Season length: player’s preference.

Move into empty furnished house of choice (use freerealestate cheat if needed but remember the more expensive the home, the higher the bills!). Must have 2 bedrooms, one for you and one for them.
Do not move into Forgotten Hollow.

Teen is not allowed a job because school is the priority.
Grade upon “graduation” (aging into YA) is up to you/your Sim but there are consequences that come into play later so choose wisely.

2/3 of bills (rounded down) will be covered by absent adult – money cheat is allowed for this. The other 1/3 of bills plus food and anything additional will need to be covered by the teen.

Acceptable ways to earn money:
Collecting, Fishing, Gardening, Painting, Photography, Programming (has various ways to earn money), Woodworking, Writing.

Can make some money playing a musical instrument for tips but have to be highly skilled to earn money by licensing songs. In terms of time versus income, I’m not sure this is a good choice but if you/your Sim love doing this … go for it!

At start of challenge (once teen is on the home lot):
Set money at §400. Use money cheat to do this.
Add Vampire Nexus lot trait.
Do not use On a Dark Ley Line or Registered Vampire Lair traits.

A teen is not allowed to move in another Sim. If you have Cats & Dogs and wish to have a pet, that is up to you, but remember this adds an additional expense (food, vet clinic, etc.) burden for your teen Sim.

The first time the teen meets a vampire (requires doing an introduction), they need to decide if they are a Fang Friend or a Fang Foe.

Fang Friend
Complete the Good Vampire Aspiration.
Aspiration can be found HERE.
Note: There is a FINAL task to do once aspiration is completed.

Fang Foe
Complete the Master Vampire Aspiration.
Aspiration can be found HERE.
Note: There is a FINAL milestone to do once aspiration is completed.

A teen can be turned or you can wait until your Sim is older. The choice is yours.

At YA Birthday:
Your Sim “graduates” from high school.
If Sim has an ‘A’ grade, the graduation gift is §400. Use money cheat.
If Sim has a ‘B’ grade, the graduation gift is §300. Use money cheat.
At this point the income from the absent adult ends. Your Sim may stay in the house if they so desire.

If Sim has a ‘C’ or lower, there isn’t a graduation gift.
At this point the income from the absent adult ends. Your Sim has brought shame to the family and is “kicked out” (the Sim must move to another house/lot).

Sim may get a job or continue earning money like before but remember, the focus of this challenge is being a Fang Friend or Fang Foe!

Upon Completing the First Tier of Either Aspiration (can only be done once!):
Your Sim may have second thoughts about choices they made and can change from Fang Friend to Fang Foe or vice versa, if they wish. This is the only time this change is allowed.

If Sim does not change alliance, use the following cheat:
Sims.Give_Satisfaction_Points 900
Note: When my tester Sim changed aspirations, they were awarded Satisfaction Points for completing things already completed on the other path so it’s only fair that these points be awarded across the board. Consider it a bonus for being one of the few who knows what they want and stays the course!

Upon Reaching Grand Master Vampire Rank:
Time to reflect! Make sure your Sim is close to completing all the challenge requirements before completing the final milestone as a Fang Friend/Foe so this challenge is a success and not a fail.

Challenge Requirements:
– Complete ONE mandatory aspiration found under Fang Friend OR Fang Foe. This also includes the final milestone created by me.
– Max the Vampire Lore skill.
– A photograph or painting (use Paint from Reference, available at L3 of the skill) of each vampire friend (minimum four, maximum six) must be on display in your house.
– Have at minimum a 2-bedroom, 1 bathroom house.

Above all, have FUN !!

4 thoughts on “Fang Life Challenge

    1. Thank you! Hopefully you have as much fun playing it as I did.

      The teen I made way-back-when has the hashtag #FangLifeChallenge in their description so feel free to use this. 🙂

      If you decide to blog or post in the forums, please drop a link … I’d love to see what happens on your end.


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