Fang Friend

Good Vampire Aspiration

Milestone I: The Transformation
1. Use a Computer to Search for Information on Vampires
2. Become a Vampire
3. Reach Vampire Lore level 3

Milestone II: Cope with Temptation
1. Drink a Plasma Pack
2. Make 5 Friends
Note: Befriend Vampires before other Sims!
3. Don’t drink deeply for 5 days in a row
4. Reach Vampire Lore level 4

Milestone III: Circle of Trust
1. Make 2 Good Friends
Note: MUST be vampires!
2. Get Permission to Drink from 2 Different Sims
3. Purchase the ‘Tamed Thirst’ Power
4. Create 3 Plasma Packs from Fish or Frogs

Milestone IV: Reject the Beast
1. Make a BFF
Note: MUST be a vampire!
2. Don’t drink without permission for 14 days in a row
3. Harvest from a Plasma Fruit Tree 3 Times

FINAL Milestone: Complete the Cycle
1. Add On a Dark Ley Line lot trait. May replace any lot trait with this one.
2. Raise a vampire from baby to teen. Partner must be a non-Vampire Sim!

Honorary Reward: Vampire Simbassador title
“The Vampire Counsel turns to YOU when a peacekeeper or voice of reason is needed!”


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