Fang Foe

Master Vampire Aspiration

Milestone I: The Basics
1. Become a Vampire
2. Use a Computer to Search for Information on Vampires
3. Read Encyclopedia Vampirica Vol 1

Milestone II: Discover Dark Birthrights
1. Reach Vampire Lore level 4
2. Participate in Vampire Training
3. Become a Minor Vampire

Milestone III: Strength and Wisdom
1. Reach Vampire Lore level 7
2. Defeat 3 Vampires in Combat
3. Become a Prime Vampire

Milestone IV: The Ancient One
1. Read The Ultimate Vampire Tome
2. Become a Grand Master Vampire
3. Survive for an Additional 20 Days as a Vampire

FINAL Milestone
1. Make 2 of The Ultimate Vampire Cure drink
2. Use them on two different Grand Master Vampires. Remove your competition … there can be only one King/Queen in this Community!
Note: Each drink costs §2500 and requires 10 garlic, 10 plasma fruit & 10 wolfsbane. Garlic takes 24 hours for the plant to mature; Plasma Fruit takes 96 hours & Wolfsbane takes 36 hours. Garlic harvest yields 5; Plasma Fruit & Wolfsbane 3 each. I planted two garlic right away and two of the other two as soon as the Vampire Lore skill unlocked them … by the third full week of playing, I could make 3 of these drinks!
Use your time wisely!
Alternatively, you could buy seed packets and not bother with gardening but this will get costly since seed packets are expensive! Garlic are §100 each, Plasma Fruit are §300 each, Wolfsbane §250 each

Honorary Reward: Vampire Hunter title
“Vampires: There can only be one in charge and YOU are not it!”


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