Family Harmony

Perfect Note is right for Matt & Kristen but not a family, too.
Time to REMODEL! Perfect Note transforms into …

Family Harmony

Downstairs, a couple of high chairs have been added.
PN2 TodEats

There is a gated Toddler Play Area outside.
PN2 TodPlayArea

Upstairs is where the majority of the remodel has taken place.
PN2 Overview

A closer look at what has become Matt & Kristen’s suite.
PN2 Bed2Overview

Her furniture is more comfortable than his so Matt moved a few personal belongings in and called it a day after changing out the bedding to something a little less feminine.
PN2 Bedroom1
PN2 Bedroom2

Robe hanger added along with his favorite towels. Matt only plans on getting clean and not spending hours in here so a few flower paintings doesn’t bother him in the least.
Pn2 Bath

Matt’s artwork found a new “home” downstairs.
PN2 ArtMove

The transformation is quickly noticed in what used to be Matt’s suite.
PN2 Bed1Overview

Plenty of room for two active toddlers!
PN2 Toddler1
PN2 Toddler2
PN2 Toddler3
PN2 Toddler4

The enclosed shower/bath unit was replaced with a tub.
PN2 TodBath1
PN2 TodBath2
PN2 TodBath3
(Addy’s Note: I didn’t test the shower/tub unit with toddlers but felt a tub made more sense so I went ahead and replaced it)

Additional Notes:
All appliances, plumbing and television have been upgraded.
Downstairs, Kristen began a starter garden with summer plants.
Upstairs, Kristen has a few summer starters for flower arranging.

Everything is move-in ready for a family with a baby and/or two toddlers!
Download: Family Harmony


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