Costumer Caper: Spring, Day 7

First Round, Spring
Day 7 (Week 1, Saturday)

Liam receives a message from Bjorn to the effect of “I’ve heard about your reputation and am going to be re-thinking my opinion of you.”
(A/N: It was rather wordy and I couldn’t get a screenshot of both parts before it disappeared from my screen. Bummer.)

Liam figures he needs to do a little public relations to bring opinion of him up. He considers stopping by the see Bjorn and family but worried that it might not go well because they aren’t particularly warm Sims to start off with.

Next to the museum in Willow Creek is a nightclub called The Blue Velvet. “How appropriate!”, Liam says as he looks up at the stars scattered across the sky.

“Oh ho ho, who is this fine thing who seems to checking me out while I take more than a gander myself?”

Liam moseys over to the bar and meet a lot of beautiful people. None seem to have an issue with him.

Joaquin leaves his drink unattended and Liam scores himself a Wrench.

The late evening/early morning ends with everybody on the dance floor.

Liam returns to the museum and starts his swiping spree with this beauty.

Liam heads over to the Goth home.

He greets Bella and thanks her for letting him crash at their place. She probably doesn’t think about where he’s sleeping and he certainly isn’t going to bring it up!

Bella and Mortimer really enjoy each others company!

Liam joins them upon waking and has a nice conversation before heading to the kitchen and finding something to eat.

Somebody left a board of produce on the ground so Liam picks it up, washes the veg and starts making a garden salad.
(A/N: This works out very well as Liam has the Uncomfortable moodlet for eating too many quick or microwaved meals. This stays in effect until the Sim eats a regular meal.)


Liam continues making salad enhanced with ear wax while Mortimer makes mac n cheese.
(A/N: Liam dug in his ear not once, but twice! Ewww … I can’t recall a Sim doing this more than once if they do it at all. Charley didn’t do it at all.)

They chat while they eat and then Liam offers to do the dishes but Mortimer insists upon doing his share.

Back to the museum for swipe no. 2.

Pierce Delgato and Meagan Rosario seem interested in getting to know Liam so he spends a few minutes chatting with each before parting ways.

(A/N: While Liam is downstairs, I look around and see that Angela Pleasant had painted this figure painting. I think Liam will acquire it if it’s still there when it’s time to swipe again.)

Katrina calls to invite Liam to the Romance Festival. “This should be fun!”

Katrina and Liam drink sakura tea together but before Liam took more a sip or two, she makes a beeline for Clement Frost. Not exactly the moment Liam thought it would be.
(A/N: Whats even worse is the fact that the vendor behind them is Don Lothario. I’m not sure if there is a thing between Katrina and Don like the wiki description indicated.)

Liam decides to ask the Romance Guru, Aaradhya Basu, about his romantic destiny.
Wah wah wah
It’s not good, Liam. Not good at all.

Liam consoles himself by getting lost in the music. If you look over his shoulder, you can see that Katrina is making the rounds.

Several attendees painted these and they look pretty nice. No option to swipe but Liam doesn’t mind because sometimes you have to stop and admire the view instead of always scheming to steal it.

Liam then steps into Planet Honey Pop! and tries his hand at singing karaoke. Not great but not absolutely horrible either.

He scatters petals when he’s done.

“Heigh ho, heigh ho
It’s off to swipe I go!”

When he can, Liam removes the sculpture that blocks the view and seems at odds among the paintings of music-themed subjects.

What Liam collected today:
Painting: Blooming Beauty worth §3,370
Artwork: The Intrepid worth §415
Painting: Figure Painting worth §297
Sculpture: The Renascent worth §610
TOTAL §4,692

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Credit: Irish slang pulled from HERE

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