Costumed Caper: Summer, Finale

(A/N: I decided to combine Thursday – Saturday in one post.)

Second Round, Summer
Day 12 (Week 4, Thursday)

Caddy has more than enough money to build a decent home so that’s what she did!

She invites Salim Benali over because she wants to ask him an important question.

His answer: Yes.
Caddy is no longer living on her own.

Salim may be a lazy Sim but he enjoys cooking so he’ll be in charge of that chore and she’ll handle things like laundry and cleaning. It works for them.

Caddy starts flirting and Salim is fully on board with taking things to the next level.
(A/N: He initiates the mistletoe kiss without any prompting from me.)

(A/N: Here’s another time that Salim initiated a kiss.)

Now that they’re dating, one bedroom is plenty.

~~ ** ~~
Day 13 (Week 4, Friday)

Caddy begins a garden with plants that will produce year-round: avocado, garlic, lemon and sage. Whatever they don’t eat will nicely supplement their income.

Salim is a Blogger at Walrus Books.
Caddy is currently unemployed.

She washes her hands then practices telling an epic story and … ta-da! Maxes the Charisma skill which in turn completes the Friends of the world aspiration.
(A/N: This is the 2nd aspiration that Caddy has completed!)

Another job is offered, this time in the entertainment industry.

Caddy works on getting her skill up while she waits for another offer to enter the industry as a painter.

She’s waiting for Salim to get home from work so they can attend the Spice Festival.

Yet another offer, this time for a blind date, that Caddy turns down.

First they try the Bubble Machina then they each grab a plate of spicy curry.

Caddy isn’t used to spicy food and fails the Spicy Curry Challenge!

Salim must have done this before!

They round out their evening with bad karaoke, lol

~~ ** ~~
Day 14 (Week 4, Saturday)

Caddy enjoys having good fresh food and once again is thankful for having Salim in her life.

The morning is spent with a few friends.
(A/N: Salim has met Jesminder Bheeda and Manuia Tilo but isn’t friends with either so Caddy invites two people she thinks he’ll enjoy meeting.)

After their friends leave, they mix business (upgrading the toilets and sinks for Caddy; writing for Salim) with pleasure.

Caddy is impressed with Salim’s skill in cards. They’ll have to play again to see if this was beginner’s luck.

She enjoys using the swing while waiting for the grilled chicken to be ready!

Like Liam, Caddy began with 3 traits plus a bonus one and ended with:

She started with no skills and ended with:

Boyfriend/Soulmate: Salim Benali
Best Friend: Liam O’Dourke
Good Friends: 10
Friends: 39

Caddy also completed TWO aspirations: Chief of Mischief and Friend of the World

All in all, I call this challenge round a success and look forward to seeing what happens during fall with our next costumed Sim!

Interested in Caddy’s house?
Look HERE!

Day 11 ~~ ** ~~ Fall, Day 1
(A/N: Will be taking a break from this so when I return, it feels fresh. Doing it back-to-back was a bit boring and I felt like I was doing the same things over and over again. In a way I was since the challenge requires us to swipe in order to build and the shortness of this challenge makes it difficult to do other things with our Sim. I think most will play this challenge once and not as a continuation like I have … that is my impression anyway.

5 thoughts on “Costumed Caper: Summer, Finale

    1. Thank you for understanding. I’m learning to listen to myself better. If I’m not having fun or am struggling to write chapters, whatever I produce won’t be entertaining to my readers. Also, repetitive stuff gets old fast.

      I plan to return to this challenge … perhaps doing fall IN the fall and finishing up with winter DURING winter might be fun 😉

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