Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 9

Second Round, Summer
Day 9 (Week 4, Monday)

Caddy sets her sights on Del Sol Valley today.

First stop on her self-guided tour is the Plumbob Pictures Museum. She is impressed by the number of windows and thinks it would be a great place to watch storms.

The displays are neat but many of them are behind protective barriers, meaning they are safe from nimble fingers.

Caddy takes the T-Rex skull. SWIPE
“Whoever placed it facing the woman in the painting has a twisted sense of humor!”

She heads over to the gym, Pectoral Fitness, for a bit of a break.

And you know what that means to Caddy …

That’s right! A nap!

Alice Martin wakes her with a job offer. “Me? An astronaut? LOL”

Caddy looks upstairs and is surprised to see various “stars” shiny with sweat because she thought they would have booked private sessions.

She returns to the museum because she figures the coast will be clear, thanks to the activity at the gym. She’s right. SWIPE

“Not bad but I know I can do better!”

Caddy checks out Orchid A Go Go next.

Not much catches her eye so she grabs a bowl of chips and chats with the bartender for a bit.

Next, Caddy peeks at the plush pads of the rich and famous because that is all she can do … unless she gets to know any of them. She’s not sure she can befriend any but if the opportunity comes up, she’s going to give it a go. What’s the worse that can happen?

She likes the wrought iron details at Studio PBP but not the denied access.
“Hey, bartender! I see you standing there, doing absolutely nothing. Let me in … I’ll order a drink and give you a big tip, too!”

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that he doesn’t acknowledge her.

A few minutes later …

Thorne Bailey shows up and seems unimpressed with Caddy’s attempt at an introduction.

It was bad enough that the other fellow saw her getting rebuffed but then she notices the paparazzi standing behind her. “Oh, plum!”

Time to hold her head high and hightail it out of there!

Caddy leaves sunny Del Sol Valley for stormy San Myshuno and changes her outfit before knocking on the Feng’s door.

Victor Feng is dressed as starkly as the colors of the apartment, the only difference being a small section of wall painted green.

Caddy isn’t disappointed by the lack of artwork and decor because she has her eyes set on a larger prize.

When the coast is clear, she makes her move. SWIPE

What was Victor doing while she grabbed the goods?

Caddy tucks this picture away in case she has need of it at some point.

What Caddy collected today:
Decor: Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Display worth §2,000
Statue: Bust of Baron von dithering worth §1,015
Electronics: HDCurV Anti-Flat Screen Television worth §4,200
SUB-TOTAL §7,215
Sold: Hip to the Max Cardboard Dance Floor for §50
Paid Bills: §25
TOTAL §7,240

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