Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 8

Second Round, Summer
Day 8 (Week 4, Sunday)

Caddy and Liam discuss the thrill of the steal, which items are worth more (or less!) than expected as well as times they got caught. Both learn something new.

She decides to go somewhere she hasn’t been before.

At first glance, Glimmerbrook doesn’t stand out. With a name like that, you would expect the homes to be more … well, colorful.

The Charm residence has gorgeous architectural features and Caddy becomes hopeful that the interior will contain interesting objet d’art.

She spends a few moments introducing herself to the family matriarch, Minerva Charm.

A quick peek around reveals little in the way of decorations. Caddy is somewhat surprised and definitely disappointed so she opts to take a small token that catches her eye. SWIPE

This house has a lot of archways! It is a bit of a thrill knowing how easily she could have been caught but wasn’t.

Caddy scoots upstairs to use their computer. She finds it odd that 4 Sims live here (1 teen, 2 young adult, 1 elder) but don’t seem to have much in the way of entertainment besides books. Perhaps they are old fashioned?

She would also like to know what the blue swirl is!

While at the computer, Caddy is invited to join the Paragons.
(A/N: Since I rarely have my Sims join clubs, I thought I should look this up before making a decision.
Description: It takes work to look this good. Perfection isn’t easy. But everyone needs someone to look up to. That’s why we have Paragons.

Club Do’s:
Be mean to Renegades
Drink coffee
Try on outfits

Knowing what I now know, the answer is easy!)

Thanks, but no thank you!

This big open area has little to no furniture and sets Caddy’s curiosity meter off! Indoor yoga when the weather is inclement? Roll back the rug to uncover hidden stairs? Bills weren’t paid so the Repo Man came? Another klepto got here first?

Whatever the real answer is, the members of the Charm household aren’t giving it.

She decides to check out the other occupied house in this neighborhood but isn’t expecting to find much since it looks less ornate than the previous one.

She sees another floating crystal thing but bypasses it for the painting. SWIPE

Behind her is a comfy looking bed. But Caddy holds off for now.

She meets one of the owners of this house, Grace Anansi.

The area is lush with foliage and what is obviously named glimmer brook meanders here and there. “More a river than a brook if you ask me!”

The only business is a Bar called Elixirs and Brews.

Caddy peeks in the window and sees a large open area. “No chance to grab a memento? I’m outta here!”

She had success with the library in Willow Creek so decides to try her luck with the one located in Britechester.

“Oh my! Look at all those computers!”

Caddy introduces herself to Benson Wilsonoff and the librarian, Izabella Bui. Benson is a mean child and the librarian is easily frustrated and doesn’t appear to care if young children are around.

She waits until the coast is clear before swiping but this side room doesn’t stay empty for long. Did he see what happened?

Apparently, he did! Time for Caddy to lay on the charm.

It isn’t long before Thomas Jabari begins to doubt he saw what he thought he saw.

Since she has a long wait before she can swipe anything else, Caddy goes and visits her best friend.

For some reason Liam seems uncomfortable and conversation didn’t provide any clues so Caddy does the only thing she can think of … set his thermostat to cooler.
(A/N: When they were talking, I noticed the background in the box at the top of the screen was orange behind him. There wasn’t a “talk about uncomfortable mood” or anything similar when I looked and then I noticed that Liam had what looked like droplets of water dripping off of him. Since it was sunny [the weather indicated heatwave!], I knew he must be getting overheated.)

She returns to Laurel Library and takes another computer. SWIPE

Caddy moves the one she’s leaving behind to the center desk so it doesn’t look as out of place.

Then she returns to check on Liam and is glad to see that he’s doing better.

What Caddy collected today:
Decor: Crystal of the Air worth §125
Painting: Mega Art worth §455
Electronics: Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine worth §12,500
Electronics: Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine worth §12,500
SUB-TOTAL §25,580
Sold: Clean Laundry for §50
TOTAL §25,630
(A/N: In case anyone is interested, I play out the day and then return to the home lot in order to sell items. The moodlet lets me know if she swiped something good!)

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