Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 7

Second Round, Summer
Day 7 (Week 3, Saturday)

Caddy and Liam are well on their way to becoming Best Friends!

No more Hints. Time for the Answer:
Take a good look at Caddy’s outfit. Sharp eyes will notice that it visibly contains 7 of the 8 colors found in an 8-count box of CRAYOLA CRAYONS! Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet (Purple), White. There is Black in the heel but also in her hair color which is the 8th color in a box of crayons.

More than fashionably late for an introduction this round is our klepto, Caddy Crayola. Caddy means a small storage container, typically one with divisions. Boxes with a higher crayon count contain inner containers or divisions, if you will.

Gallery Link: Caddy

Hope you had as much fun guessing her costume as I did dropping hints!

Caddy sure looks happy! “Happy to not have to hide my name and colorful costume choice (Hot Weather & Cold Weather) any longer! But even more happy to see the SUN!”

The coast is clear and she has no problems picking up her next piece.

Employees continue to hang outside the Emporium so Caddy takes the time to introduce herself.
(A/N: Caddy has an 8-hour cooldown from her last swipe so I thought I would peek and see if the employees go inside on their own. One or two might but the third one can always be found at the chess table!)

She returns to Liam’s place and is glad to see him head inside as that last lightning strike was fairly close to him! For those interested, Liam was playing chess, of course! rolls eyes

Caddy enjoys sharing the thrill of the steal with Liam!

As soon as her focus returns to her meal, Liam goes back outside and jumps in the pool. Sims are crazy!

Caddy goes back to the Emporium and encourages two employees inside so she can quickly scoot outside and … SWIPE
(A/N: Since Caddy had previously met both employees, she was able to go inside and do the call over action. As soon as both are inside, I had Caddy go outside. Wish I had thought of this earlier, LOL)

That was a very close call! Wolfgang Munch almost caught her.
(A/N: Talk about nerve-wracking! I could see Wolfgang walking along the side of the building as Caddy is taking her sweet time going outside to swipe. I thought he was going to catch her in the act!)

Another 8-hour cooldown means that Caddy needs somewhere to go for skill building and … a nap, too. The library is a good choice.

Look who’s there to greet her when she wakes!

Caddy introduces herself to the librarian, Tamati Misipeka, and they’re instant friends.

He’s happy to have made a friend but his expression is because …

(A/N: Who would have thought our sneaky sneak thief would earn this? Not me, LOL! A shining beacon of positivity for the community … Caddy will positively help herself to others’ belongings!)

“What a cute painting!”

Caddy is on a roll with grabbing the goods! She has earned yet another 8-hour cooldown which means she can’t swipe again today.

Time to go see what Liam is up to.

zzzzzzzzzz-PANG !!!
“Liam! It’s great that you came out to greet me but whoo boy, that was really close! Let’s head inside!”

Caddy and Liam began the day as Good Friends and end it as Best Friends.
Life is good!
(A/N: Having a BFF is one of the requirements in the last tier of the Friend of the World aspiration. Everything has been completed except for reaching L10 in the Charisma skill and Caddy is currently partway through L6.

She has a total of 25 Friends …
Friends 22
Good Friends 3 (Liam is listed as both Good Friends & Best Friends)
Best Friends 1

Caddy’s also on the last tier of the Chief of Mischief aspiration. Everything has been completed except for reaching L10 in the Mischief skill and Caddy is almost 2/3 through L8.)

What Caddy collected today:
Painting: Viva More of La Landscape worth §8,000
Sculpture: Ultimate Freezer Bunny Award worth §7,600
Painting: Old Brindleton – A Series worth §3,500
TOTAL §19,100

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6 thoughts on “Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 7

  1. Lusie Dageraad

    Her costume and name are very clever. That was smart to call the emplyees inside so she could swipe something outside. Aww, I like the picture of Liam hugging Caddy. Congrats on the pristine reputation! You are doing great with the aspirations

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lu! Caddy was fun to make and definitely fun to play!

      I don’t know why I didn’t think of using call over sooner, lol Would have saved so much time!

      One of them always initiates a hug as soon as they start to chat. It’s cute.

      Thank you again, I think she’s doing very well with both of them and I hope she can max those skills soon.


  2. In the last chapter I almost went with your outfit being a lighten storm, when you were telling about Makoa Kealoha and getting struck by lighten, but then further reading took me to believe that she is crayon’s! Super nifty and creative with her outfits and her name! I would have never guessed it! I thought the Caddy stemmed from your name Addy! I should have thought more outside of the box! OH MY GOSH I set the same statue back in that spot! “A shining beacon of positivity for the community” What? Shut the front door! :D! I love this read though and Caddy has done so well for herself!

    Liked by 1 person

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