Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 5

Second Round, Summer
Day 5 (Week 3, Thursday)

Any idea as to what Caddy’s costume is?
Yesterday’s clue might have been a bit misleading and made people think she’s dressed as a rainbow. She’s not but I wish I had thought of it!

Time for a less subtle Hint: Her last name also begins with the letter “C” and is a brand name that many American children and adults will recognize.

Caddy never forgot the rude text she received yesterday and decides to pay a visit to Brent Hecking. He has a cute place.

His dog, Rosie, is cute too.

Caddy boldly walks up to the front door and knocks on it.

Both Brent and his husband, Brant, are very welcoming. “How odd.”, Caddy thinks to herself, “Either he is worried at what I might do or he thought he was protected by some sort of misguided anonymity.”

Eventually the conversation winds down and she is able to explore a nearby room.

“Art propped against the wall? It’s obvious they aren’t keen on these pieces and shouldn’t mind my taking them off their hands!”

“That looks better. Much better!”

Caddy knows she can slowly and systematically empty out this room without any problem but the idea of doing so isn’t as appealing as she thought it would be.

Time to move along …

She heads over to the Deadgrass Discoveries museum and is anxious to get inside where it should be warm and dry as well as filled with nice things!

While Caddy would love to snag a painting or two, she’s unable to do so and sets her eyes on a more easily acquirable prize. SWIPE

The weather is making her tense as is the knowledge that this item isn’t worth as much as she’d like.

There might be a comfy couch but who can get a good nap when lightning strikes nearby?

Clara Bjergsen strikes up a conversation with Caddy and she realizes that perhaps her reputation isn’t as bad or as widespread as she had originally thought.
(A/N: Caddy now has enough points to purchase the Incredibly Friendly reward trait. I figure this will help with her original aspiration, Friend of the World.)

She grabs the pedestal that the paddlewheel boat was on since it now looks out of place and her eye is drawn outside when lightning hits the ground.

When the smoke clears, Caddy sees something interesting and quickly steps outside to grab it before anybody else notices.

She then heads upstairs and sees an interesting painting but finds it continually being viewed by someone.

At first it was an uncomfortable Marcus Flex.

Then a steady trickle of Sims who either view the painting or gather by the stairs. Caddy makes a point to meet each and even encourages Mortimer Goth and Jing Fen to patch up their differences.
(A/N: I got curious as to what would happen if she tried this. Jing wasn’t happy with Caddy’s meddling and both gave off a minus sign while she and Mortimer both got a plus sign. Obviously, Mortimer is willing to let bygones be bygones.)

Even more surprising is Caddy earning a GOOD REPUTATION from her actions!

She has a lot of friends now!
(A/N: Amazing what the reward trait and a good reputation can do. All I did was the friendly introduction action and ta-da … instant friends!)

Hours later …

The landing clears and Caddy is able to SWIPE that painting!

hee hee hee
The painting goes with me!

She’s had enough of this weather and heads home to sell things before deciding what to do next.

It is raining here too. Fortunately, a light in the distance seems to beckon her.

As soon as she reaches Liam’s house, lightning strikes fairly close by and Caddy runs up to his door.

Thank goodness he is home! Not only that, he seems to be glad to see his friend.
(A/N: They automatically did this when Caddy tries to talk to Liam. How cute is that?!)

They chat while Caddy eats and Liam dances. He offers tips & tricks of the trade for which she is very thankful.

Since Liam still seems full of energy, she asks for permission to grab a bit of shuteye which is the only thing she’ll take from her friend.

What Caddy collected today:
Painting: Sun Beam Scribble worth §275
Painting: Sun Beam Scribble worth §275
Statue: River Queen Paddlewheel Boat worth §420
Crystal: Plumbite (from lightning strike) worth §192
Decor: Roman Pedestal worth §60
Painting: Dogs night In worth §950
SUB-TOTAL §2,172
Sold: Voodoo Doll for §950
Sold: Upgrade Parts for §40
TOTAL §3,162

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10 thoughts on “Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 5

    1. Thanks dear Bree! She met Liam at the Humor and Hijinks festival but he might not have been in too many pictures since it rained during that event.

      No, Caddy is not being a model or designer. Good guess though.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Lusie Dageraad

    I’m starting to think of candy of charms, but not sure…

    Such a fun chapter. I liked that she visited a place my sims recently went to. Caddy didn’t have good weather though.

    Congrats on making so many friends!

    The visit with Liam was lovely

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good guess but that’s not it.

      Thanks! Since she visited Brent and Brant, I figured she should go somewhere in Brindleton Bay. I then thought of the museum because of your Drifter family outing but her weather was nowhere as nice, lol

      That will certainly come in handy with the aspiration … once she gets her Charisma skill up.

      It was. He’s a fun Sim whether playing or visiting!


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