Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 4

Second Round, Summer
Day 4 (Week 3, Wednesday)

Any idea as to what Caddy’s costume is? Here’s another clue.
Hint: Have you noticed the pattern to her outfits yet?
Do these colors make you think of anything?

Caddy wakes and discovers that Travis’ room is empty so she makes her move.

The third time is the charm! Caddy manages to get the voodoo doll bound to Travis Scott. She tries out the different actions but since he’s still asleep, she has no idea what things did or if they worked.
(A/N: That was my fault. I was in too much of a hurry to get this aspiration requirement done that I didn’t wait to see what Travis would do or take pictures.)

Caddy feels like it’s time for a change of scenery and heads over to the Willow Creek library where she enjoys chatting with Gil Horn, the librarian, and Victor Feng.

She later scoots upstairs and immediately notices an interesting statue.

Caddy goes back downstairs and is relieved that nobody looks at her any differently then they did before.

After a while, she goes back upstairs and claims the poster set that looks similar to the ones that were in Travis’ room.

A nap is looking better and better but the library padded bench is occupied so Caddy heads over to the McPherson house. Darn. Nobody is home.
(A/N: Guillermo was home when I had Caddy travel there but left before she knocked on their door.)

“What the heck, Brent? I haven’t been in your home!” Caddy is a bit taken aback by this text message.

A slightly shaken Sim knocks on the Harrington door. She worries that more doors will be closed to her once word gets out.

Their door might be open but won’t be for long if they catch Caddy at her latest bit of Mischief.

She smiles with relief as she exits the room and finds nobody coming to investigate.

Caddy is ready for that nap now!

She entertains Sonya and Sawyer while they eat, happy in the knowledge that they still enjoy her company.

For her last swipe of the day, Caddy returns to the library and grabs the lone piece of art from the walls upstairs.

She then decides to visit the Pancakes and bunk there for the night.

Caddy clogs the drain and finds herself not enjoying this bit of mischief. “Perhaps it’s time to throw in the towel and find something better to do.”, she thinks to herself.
(A/N: Some of the things required to complete the Chief of Mischief aspiration aren’t what I consider fun but help with gaining higher levels in the skill needed for swiping better things.)

Bob is in one bed and Eliza the other so Caddy decides to grab 40 winks on the comfy couch in the hopes that it will prevent her from slumping to the ground at a most inopportune moment.

What Caddy collected today:
Artwork: Roman Temple Architectural Study worth §375
Statue: Bust of Baron Von Dithering worth §1,015
Artwork: Antiqued Patent Posters worth §1,455
Painting: Mystery Poser Antique Portrait worth §640
TOTAL §3,485

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