Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 3

Second Round, Summer
Day 3 (Week 3, Tuesday)

Did you figure out what Caddy is dressed up as yet? Need more help?
Hint: Two of her traits, cheerful and childish, were chosen because of her costume.

The Humor and Hijinks Festival took place outside the Casbah Gallery. Caddy decides to head inside and get out of the rain.

“Oh! Look at all of the pretty colors!”, she gushes.

Caddy finds a painting that catches her eye. SWIPE

Upon leaving the room, Caddy sees someone not afraid to go bold and decides she should meet this Sim.

Alika Kahananui seems amused with her sense of humor and chuckles when she flashes crazy eyes at him.

Alika then heads downstairs so she takes a peek in the room he just left. Eleanor Elderberry is there but suggestive to Caddy’s firm go away.
(A/N: Go Away is a mean interaction. Your Sim takes a negative hit in Manners by doing this action.)

Caddy notices a statue that looks like the one in Eliza Pancakes’ bedroom. SWIPE

hee hee hee
Swiping this makes Caddy smile.

She’s starting to get a little bit peckish and will need a nap soon. Instead of visiting her friend Eliza, she decides to visit another friend and her roommates.

Caddy’s attempts to bind the voodoo doll were not successful.
(A/N: Perhaps it’s because she is hungry and tired?)

She might not be keen on veggie burgers but free food is free food!

Caddy decides to nap in Travis’ room because she sees a few things that catches her eye.

While she waits to be sure the coast is clear, Caddy attempts to get a chain letter going and is quickly shut down. “Hmm … these guys aren’t as easy a mark as I originally thought!”

The poster set near Travis’ bed has been rolled up and tucked away for safekeeping.

Another nap is needed before the painting above his desk is carefully collected.

Caddy grabs a bite to eat before acquiring her next piece.
(A/N: I thought I had an after screenshot but later discovered I didn’t. Oops!)

Quintin’s invite solves the question of what she should do next!

Unfortunately, nobody thought to consult the weather forecast before planning this impromptu party. Heavy rain and lightning! Caddy hopes the party gets moved inside.

She makes a point to grab the attention of attendees as they pass and enjoys a little bit of mischief with each.

As soon as she sees the lightning strike Jade Rosa (standing between Geoffrey Landgraab and Lily Feng), Caddy decides to end the party before it ends her!

She heads back to Summer’s house.

RAZZAFRAT! Caddy has no idea that Quintin was behind her when she went to swipe the last piece of artwork from Travis’ walls. But boy, does she let him have it!

Might as well get a good night’s sleep while she waits for the embarrassment to pass and the room to clear.

What Caddy collected today:
Painting: Abstract Painting by Lilith Pleasant worth §235
Statue: Princess Cordelia Royal Bust worth §1,400
Artwork: Antiqued Patent Posters worth §1,455
Painting: Jazz Cats: Whiskers of a Forgotten Past worth §1,455
Artwork: Roman Temple Architectural Study worth §375
TOTAL §4,920

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2 thoughts on “Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 3

    1. She did! Still not matching what Liam pulled in but it’s not concerning me at this time since he had quite a bit of excess left over after building.

      Correct! Each day IS a different outfit with the makeup matching it. Day 1: Everyday outfit … Day 2: Formal … Day 3: Athletic.

      I take care to make sure she is in the outfit I want her to be wearing before I take any pictures since the game either changes her into the everyday one or hot weather.

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