Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 2

Second Round, Summer
Day 2 (Week 3, Monday)

Any guesses as to what Caddy’s costume is? Need a little help?
Hint: Her costume is made up of more than one outfit.

By the time Caddy gets downstairs, the hamburgers Eliza made were spoiled but not a problem as Bob just finished making Frank n’ Beans on the grill. She smiles her thanks at him and keeps it on her face until he’s stepped away.

“Hopefully this won’t upset my tummy too much.”

Caddy goes next door after she finishes eating in the hopes of finding a trinket or two.

Norah McPherson laughs at her jokes but her son, Guillermo, is a tougher nut to crack. “Teens can be a bit touchy, you know!”

Caddy tries to prank call Travis but he quickly gets shut down. “Drat! Color me embarrassed.”

The McPherson’s seem to have nothing of value. No knickknacks, no bric-a-brac, no artwork on their walls. Time to move along!

Sawyer and Sonya Harrington live across the street. Hopefully they’ll have something of interest.

Caddy isn’t sure why she’s drawn to the rooster but she collects him on her way to join Sonya in the backyard.

Sonya is making … Franks n’ Beans. “Oh, yay!”, thinks Caddy to herself. She politely declines having any while chatting with Sonya for a few before excusing herself to freshen up.

“They don’t have any kids but do have a fully decorated bedroom, how interesting!” Caddy trolls teh forums on the tablet while she decides what to nab next.

The robot lamp catches her fancy. SWIPE

Caddy continues trolling teh forums until she’s ready to swipe again.

She can pinch the picture or take the tablet. It’s a no-brainer as far as Caddy is concerned! SWIPE

Time to return home so she can fence the goods and …

Pay bills. “50 Simoleons?! This IS highway robbery!”
(A/N: Earlier in the day, Caddy gets notification that her bills have arrived. It seems a bit high for an undeveloped piece of property but could have something to do with the fact that I hadn’t sold anything yet.)

Caddy decides it’s time for a bit of fun!

Caddy joining the Pranksters should come as a surprise to no one!

She implies that the tea is poisonous to Garrett Cagle.
She tells Darling Walsh she saw the Jokesters sabotaging the tea. Hee hee hee

Her efforts enable the Pranksters to win! “Wahooey! Look at what the prize is!!”
(A/N: Mr Addy can attest to my getting all giddy over this. A voodoo doll which costs §950 to buy. Plus, four different kinds of fireworks that she plans to sell and §500. Not bad. Not bad at all!)

At the end of the festival, Caddy meets an interesting Sim who also lives in Newcrest. Liam!

What Caddy collected today:
Decoration: Country Cockerel worth §240
Lamp: Bright Idea Robot Lamp worth §70
Electronics: The Slablet worth §1,000
SUB-TOTAL §1,310
Paid Bills -§50
Humor & Hijinks Festival Prize Money §500
Sold Fireworks for §340
TOTAL §2,100

Day 1 ~~ ** ~~ Day 3

8 thoughts on “Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 2

    1. No? I was pretty certain I had mentioned it to you. There will be more hints to come! Good Luck with figuring it out.

      Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it. Caddy is doing well but still behind Liam when comparing Day 1 and 2. I’m not worried because I know she will soon get the hang of it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm … it might not be obvious. We’ll see if other hints make it clear or not.

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

      She went to the festival with a whim to increase her Comedy skill but I figured working on Mischief would be more fun as well as help her with swiping better things.

      Thanks! The best part was winning the doll, I think. LOL


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