Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 11

Second Round, Summer
Day 11 (Week 4, Wednesday)

Caddy likes the doors leading to these apartments.

Unfortunately, the door seems to be the nicest part!

Salim Benali is a decent guy so she chats with him for a while before heading on her way.

The hallway outside the Bheeda apartment is a bit more cheerful.

Caddy loves their use of color!

A quick peek reveals that anything of value is on display in this area. Realizing she will have to wait for Arun to leave the room if she plans on swiping anything, Caddy introduces herself and makes yet another friend.

GASP! It isn’t long before notification that Dane Bheeda is starving comes to her attention.

She looks over at Arun to see if he’ll do something and he gets up to fix … himself something to eat. “Useless Sim! Jesminder should dump your sorry behind and hire a nanny!”

Caddy might not have a lot of knowledge but she does know the basics. “Dane, you are the only reason I’m not going to wipe them clean of all their belongings! I wish you success because you are going to need it!”

When she leaves the apartment, she sees strange stuff down at the street level and it gives her an idea.

There is a place called StrangerVille so she might as well check it out. It’s got to be better than the crowded. crazy city!

The backdrop of the Roswell home is breathtaking!

As Caddy is heading to the front door, she notices an odd plant. “What in the world is it? I’ve never seen anything like it before!”

The interior of them home is elegant yet understated. No electronics anywhere.

Caddy collects a painting on her way to meet the owners of this large home. SWIPE

Meredith Roswell surprises Caddy when she mentions that she’s a Bodybuilder at The Other Sports Team. “I might look like a delicate flower but I am anything but!” she tells Caddy.

She is quick to smile when her husband, Ted, joins them.

Neither smile when Caddy asks about something she saw earlier. “There’s quite a few scientists here as well as Sims who walk oddly. Is there some sort of virus I need to be worried about?” Both are quick to reassure her there’s nothing of the sort and then they subtly change the topic.

Time to go visit other residents and see if they know anything.

Leslie Hollard, Alice Martin and Mark Eggleston seem to be hiding from the world.

Leslie wants to be a writer but doesn’t own a computer or have a job. Alice wants to be a painter but doesn’t own an easel and works at the police station. Mark is sure to make plenty of friends if he goes into politics or entertainment but doesn’t seem inclined to work either.

Caddy doesn’t bother asking them about the strange plants, scientists or odd walks.

She also isn’t bothered by taking something. SWIPE

“This house has too much grey in it. For a house full of creative Sims, they’re living such a bland life!”

Caddy decides to liven things up. What better way to discuss an apocalypse than with cowplants? That is followed with a hand buzzer, which is quite fun unless it backfires.

Hooray! Caddy’s bit of mischief maxes out the skill which … completes the aspiration. Win win!!

She decides to celebrate by going to 8 Bells, the only bar for miles around.

The decor seems to be a collection of things found along the highway and the local scrapyard but Caddy’s not one to complain about found art.

The personnel from the military base seem to enjoy unwinding here. “Not sure how that gal considers standing at attention and saluting nobody to be relaxing when she could easily chat, dance or grab a cold drink.”

Do you see who I see? Meredith Roswell and dressed in a very contemporary dress, too. Caddy decides to leave without making eye contact in case she’s meeting someone who isn’t Ted.

StrangerVille is strange but apparently good at keeping its secrets. Time for Caddy to move along.

She returns to Willow Creek but tries a different neighborhood this time.

The Spencer-Kim-Lewis house is unique and its design really draws the eye!

The inside is spacious and colorful. It’s also HUGE!

Within minutes of stepping inside, Caddy is offered a job that she politely declines.
(A/N: If she was allowed a career, this one would have been accepted in a heartbeat!)

There are at least four computers so she doesn’t mind taking this one. SWIPE

Talk about timing! Within moments, Alice sets down a plate of burgers on the very desk where the computer used to be.

Most of the family grabs a plate and sits on the bed to eat; Dennis Kim takes his burger and heads upstairs to where Olivia Kim-Lewis is playing on a computer.

Caddy chats with them for a little while before moving the conversation out to the kitchen area in the hopes that they won’t start wondering about the empty desk.

Soon afterward, various family members head off to bed.

As Caddy is heading out the door, she stops and admires the lights in the living area. “Different colored light bulbs are a clever idea!”

What Caddy collected today:
Painting: Land-Coral Garden worth §7,500
Artwork: The recondite worth §435
Computer: All-In-One Powerful PC worth §4,000
SUB-TOTAL §11,935
Sold: Photo of Bizarre Plant for §10
TOTAL §11,945

Day 10 ~~ ** ~~ Finale

2 thoughts on “Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 11

  1. I notice that most of the sims in my game are unemployed also! Must be a trend! 😀 Congrats on completing her aspiration and maxing out her mischief skill! I loved The Spencer-Kim-Lewis house had lots of expensive stuff to take! 😉 The different color bulbs really set the mood don’t they!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It must be! lol

      Thanks! I can’t help but compare Caddy with Liam and I think my experience with him made it easier for her to do well.

      It does! You might want to send Cage there after he gains a bit of skill unless … he’ll be visiting places more than once.

      I really liked the way they did those lights. Didn’t do them in Caddy’s home … wish I had thought of it, lol

      Liked by 1 person

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