Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 10

Second Round, Summer
Day 10 (Week 4, Tuesday)

Caddy continues checking out the apartment scene in San Myshuno today.

With the storm continuing to rage, she’s glad to be indoors! Caddy hopes the Jang apartment shows a bit more personality than the building it’s in.

“This look promising!”

She stops and stares for a few moments. Color is everywhere! “This is so beautiful. I can see myself living somewhere like this!”

Billie seems like a nice enough kid but Caddy wonders why she isn’t in bed sound asleep at this hour.
(A/N: I used a Parenting action to get her to go to bed, didn’t gain the skill but Billie went to bed … with her mom. Might as well have take advantage of this and give Caddy a good night’s sleep!)

Caddy wasn’t planning to swipe from a child but this young girl has everything: a computer, a stereo, a wall-mounted TV and gaming system. “Perhaps removing this will encourage her to spend more time with her parents.” SWIPE

She gets to know Anaya while they share a meal and compliments her on their beautiful home.

Caddy receives a text from Liam and decides that any friend of his is someone she’d be okay with getting to know too.

She then heads over to the Lobo apartment next.

It’s elegant and spacious but seems too big for a single Sim.

The bathroom view is gorgeous and she can see why he hasn’t covered any window but wonders if others can see in at night … and if that is part of the point.

Caddy is not fond of high tech toilets that talk and both of his bathrooms have them. shudders

Caddy is in between the jukebox and the cool cowplant poster but in the end, prefers music to movies.

She can’t resist trying out The MotionMonitor Gaming Mat Diego has and wishes this was an object that could be swiped.

“That was fun!”

Caddy chats with Diego and thanks him for an enjoyable time.

Hoping to find more fun, she goes to the Karaoke Legends apartment.

The first thing Caddy notices upon exiting the elevator is Akira Kibo staring out the window so she offers a penny for his thoughts. This Tech Guru was merely pondering a new idea for a game and most of the conversation flies right over her head.

Their apartment isn’t what she expects to see so Caddy wonders if it came fully furnished.

With little in the way of things to swipe without risking getting caught, she decides to take something from Kibo’s room.

His room might be smaller but has a private balcony and personal bathroom while the girls share a slightly larger room and a bathroom. Hopefully he pays a larger portion of their rent!

A successful SWIPE calls for a song! What Caddy lacks in talent, she makes up for in enthusiasm.

Time for a quick trip home to sell the things she’s collected.

It might be raining but Caddy is pleased with the amount she “earned”.

What Caddy collected today:
Electronics: InvisiView Flat-Screen HDTV worth §2,595
Audio: Jumpin’ Joe’s Jukebox worth §1,480
Artwork: The Intrepid worth §415
TOTAL §4,490

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