Costumed Caper: Summer, Day 1

Second Round, Summer
Day 1 (Week 3, Sunday)

Caddy takes a good look around.
“Dark skies. I’m cold and wet. This is not painting a pretty picture!”
(A/N: Caddy is a cheerful, childish kleptomaniac. Her aspiration is Friend of the World which gives the bonus trait, gregarious. Her last name is being withheld for the time being as it’s a big giveaway as to what her costume is meant to be!)

sizzle CRACK

The lightning makes Caddy tense. She needs to leave Asphalt Abodes and find somewhere that is warm and dry.

Caddy heads over to the library in Willow Creek where she meets Quintin Fernandez. He seems like a likeable fellow and she loves his use of color.

Hungry and tired is not a good combination. Caddy looks at the houses near the library and heads over, hoping she’ll get what she needs before she drops.

She meets Liberty Lee and after a few minutes of conversation, heads inside.

A bowl of animal crackers and the possibility of making a couple of friends is nice.

Caddy excuses herself to go freshen up and finds herself drawn to the little panda.

She can’t ignore her not-so-subtle yawns any longer and thinks a quick nap should be okay …

WRONG! Travis Scott wakes from his own nap in the next room to admonish her.

Caddy wonders if she should risk trying to nap on one of their patio benches when Quintin contacts her. She decides a change of scenery might be a good idea!

WOW! Look at this view. Caddy has never seen anything like it before and is very impressed.
(A/N: So am I for that matter. This is my first time scrolling back and getting a good look at the surrounding location. Really impressive!)

While Quintin heads straight to a punching bag, Caddy finds an occupied bench and the ladies’ locker room and enjoys an undisturbed nap.

She meets Eliza Pancakes upon leaving the room and enjoys a few minutes of conversing with her before heading upstairs to meet and mingle with others.

Not 100% recharged and knowing she’ll also need food again, Caddy continues chatting with Eliza and then goes home with her new friend.
(A/N: Caddy earns enough points to purchase the “Always Welcome” reward trait.)

Caddy doesn’t say a word out loud about this married couple having two bedrooms. “Different strokes for different folks!” and nabs a nap before acquiring this cute lamp. SWIPE

She feels like giving somebody a scare and thinks Eliza might be more receptive than gloomy Bob, whom she just met.

She’s right and both get a good chuckle over it.

Even though the bust is sure to be worth more, Caddy knows she isn’t nimble fingered enough to add it to her pile of purloined pieces. sigh

“One thing is not like the others. 3 … 2 … 1 …”

Caddy crawls under the covers and calls it a night.

What Caddy collected today:
Lamp: Happy Panda Table Lamp worth §35
Lamp: Kid’s Soccer Ball Light worth §45
Lamp: Jellyfish Bell Table Lamp worth §175
TOTAL §255

Liam Day 14 ~~ ** ~~ Day 2

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