Costumed Caper: Spring, Day 6

First Round, Spring
Day 6 (Week 1, Friday)

Liam dances for a bit and feels pretty good about his chances to walk off with the werewolf wall art.

Sims are sure to get a better sleep in this bed!

Liam tells the Count about bad plasma (obviously a lie!) and then mentions the spot on his cravat (what spot?).

The hand buzzer trick goes over well.
(Liam has maxed the Mischief skill !)

Liam’s attempt at slap ’em silly does NOT go over.
Wah wah wah
Vlad lets Liam know how much he dislikes him and his little “jokes”.

Liam pulls a ham and cheese sandwich from the fridge and instead of sitting at the table, opts to stand somewhere where Vlad can’t see him and he can’t see Vlad.
(A/N: Liam did this on his own!)

Liam sits at the bench and starts singing to himself. Vlad gives a §2 tip but then seems to recall himself and utters a few choice words about leprechauns in general.

Liam attempts to chat with the Count (or was it a few more tricks up his sleeve?) and is told in no uncertain terms the his actions/attitude is despicable.

This also gives Liam a bad reputation.
Duh duh duh

Time for a quick kip on the loveseat in the hopes of bringing less attention to Liam while he waits to swipe again.

Drat! Vlad won’t step away from the pipe organ. Liam thinks he knows the score!

He heads upstairs to swipe the last werewolf and peeks outside to admire the view. “Look how high up I am! What a deadly view!”
(A/N: In more ways than one if Vlad catches you up there! LOL)

Liam comes back down and watches himself dance. He’s determined to wear the Count down.

Nothing seems to move Vlad from his seat so Liam resorts to the old “call over” trick.


He goes back to the glass of water he sat down and ponders its fullness while Vlad continues texting on his phone.

Liam purchases a voodoo doll and binds it to Vlad. “In for a penny, in for a pound!”

There are five actions and Liam is going to try them all. First up is poke (Sim gets Angry).

Not quite the reaction Liam was hoping for!

Next is tickle (Sim gets Uncomfortable).
That seems a bit unpleasant. Good.

Might as well try cuddle (Sim gets Flirty).
Vlad, that’s just plain creepy!S6Pic15

Time to frolic (Sims gets Playful).
Vlad obviously is not big on goofing off.S6Pic16

Last one to try is soak (Sim gets Dazed).
Not quite sure that does what is expected because …

Vlad used mist and went to the mirror where he began to dance.
(A/N: You wouldn’t believe how often he plays the pipe organ, dances or sings! I never witnessed him doing anything else unless he went to the room where Liam was in order to strike up a conversation. Or keep him from swiping the item he wanted, heh heh heh)

Finally! Vlad goes elsewhere and Liam grabs the grandfather clock.

Time to end his personal retaliation against that vampire and move along.

Liam goes to the Willow Creek museum, Municipal Muses, in order to scope things out.

He sees the statue and shields but decides to turn his attention to other items for a bit of variety.

While he waits to get in the right mood for swiping, Liam feels confident and decides to paint something.

The end results are not quite what he expected.

What Liam collected today:
Wall Art: Hanging Werewolf Wall Jumper worth §925
Wall Art: Hanging Werewolf Wall Jumper worth §925
Vlad gave tip for Singing §2
Instrument: Napri Parlour Organ worth §1,220
Clock: Endless Timepiece worth §2,200
SUB-TOTAL §5,272
Painting sold for §74
Bought Madame Zoe’s Voodoo Doll -§950
Painting cost -§100 for supplies
TOTAL §4,296
GRAND TOTAL: §34,371

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Credit: Irish slang pulled from HERE

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