Costumed Caper: Spring, Day 5

First Round, Spring
Day 5 (Week 1, Thursday)

As soon as the coast is clear … SWIPE

Liam feels like he has taken enough from this house and decides to move along.

His attempt to send a chain letter to one Count Vladislaus Straud IV goes so so but his scam money attempt fails. Who is this Sim?

Liam looks him up via the Welcome Wagon website (they know where everybody lives and when they moved in!) and heads over to his place.

“Whoa! And some silly Sims thought the Goth House gave off a chill. This places gives me the creeps! Where is the sun? I could use a bit of its warming rays right about now!”

Count Vlad is no warmer than his house. OOF! Try as he might, none of Liam’s charm seems to be making a dent in Vlad’s demeanor.

Liam is not one to turn from a challenge and boldly steps inside. The interior is just as foreboding and gloomy as its owner.

Liam grabs the fixings for a good old PB&J sandwich after carefully reading the label on the jelly jar (and smelling its contents!).

“This grand house is sure to hold many secrets as well as treasures for an enterprising leprechaun such as myself to discover!”

While the Count is busy playing the pipe organ, Liam takes a quick gander downstairs. “Two of them? No, no that won’t do!”

Swiping makes Liam tired so he chooses the bedroom that is less creepy. “Not a fan of this fluffy floofy purple stuff but at least there aren’t any werewolves glaring down and interrupting a good kip!”
(A/N: I had to go back in and change the word gargoyles to werewolves because that piece of wall art is NOT a gargoyle. Who knew?! Obviously, not me. LOL)

“This is what I’m talking about. How can a Sim sleep with those hideous things above the bed? One down, one more to go!”

With so little to do in this huge pile of bricks, Liam heads back downstairs and tries his hand at mixing up a bevy or two. “Oops! I need to stop acting the maggot because I’m making a mess of things over here.”

“It’s okay, Count Vlad sir, you can go back to your playing … I’m good over here!”

Liam puts down the shaker so he can shake his body. “Staying limber is key when you’re a guy like me!”

Drat! Vlad gets the same idea and goes to the mirror IN the room where that 2nd werewolf is.

“Oh well … might as well take advantage of the opportunity to remove the one behind the bar. A mirror would look better here anyway!”

It happens to be TV season Premiere and since Vlad doesn’t have one, Liam heads to a nearby pub.

Pepper’s Pub in Britechester has a nice atmosphere and plenty of Sims to chat with. It’s a shame that they don’t seem as interested in chatting as Liam is!

Back at Straud Mansion, the upstairs werewolf is still inaccessible so Liam nabs the one hanging around downstairs by the grand coffin.

Yes! Vlad has moved. Liam zips upstairs and does a happy little jig while he waits to grab the next one!

What Liam collected today:
Clock: Dear Old Grandfather Clock worth §2,400
Instrument: Napri Parlour Organ worth §1,220
Wall Art: Hanging Werewolf Wall Jumper worth §925
Wall Art: Hanging Werewolf Wall Jumper worth §925
Wall Art: Hanging Werewolf Wall Jumper worth §925
TOTAL §6,395
GRAND TOTAL: §30,075

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Credit: Irish slang pulled from HERE

8 thoughts on “Costumed Caper: Spring, Day 5

    1. Depending on the value of item swiped, cool down ranges from 2 hours to 8 hours. The higher ticket items (statue, certain paintings) are 8 hours. I’ve gotten to where I check that number as soon as Liam swipes and then I know roughly how much it will sell for.


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