Costumed Caper: Spring, Day 4

First Round, Spring
Day 4 (Week 1, Wednesday)

Liam returns to the museum to swipe the statue. “Come with me, you gorgeous thing!”

After doing that, he looks out the window and realizes that luck once again smiled upon him. “Anybody could have seen me if they were down there or across the way!”

Not tired or hungry nor ready to swipe again, Liam heads over to the Willow Creek library. There’s a storm brewing so he doesn’t waste any time in going inside.

The library is empty this early in the morning. “Nobody looking over my shoulder or striking up a conversation when I’m doing a wee bit of mischief on the computer.”

Liam also glances through Diplomacy for Dummies in the hopes that he’ll glean a little nugget or two that might open more doors for him.

Speaking of glances … Liam couldn’t help but notice who is manning the concession booth outside the library.

That gives him an idea …

Liam goes to visit the lovely lasses who live with Don. “While the cat is away, …” Yes, Liam, we get the idea!

Nina is grilling so Liam takes the time to say hello as well as grab a plate.

Once again, Dina joins them and Nina doesn’t seem to care for it. These lasses either don’t get along or they’re interested in Liam. He can’t decide which but does notice Dina’s lovely smile.

Perhaps Liam might get lucky in love? He needs to get a home built before getting too distracted by the fair lass or any lass for that matter!

With Dom away, Liam helps himself to his bed. “I’m sure he won’t mind.”

With a full belly and plenty of energy, Liam heads over to the Goth house. “Wow, now that stands out from its neighbors! Easy to play One Thing is Not Like the Others with this in the picture.”

Upon entering their foyer, Liam sees a familiar friend. “Hello, beautiful!”

“Were you talking to me?” Liam turns and spots Mortimer’s wife, Bella. He smiles a greeting and they chat about how beautifully decorated the home is. “That red is rather striking …”, Liam quickly points to the walls because he doesn’t want her to get the wrong idea regarding his comment.

Bella gives a throaty chuckle and says “Yes, it is. I decorated the house using as much red as possible because its my favorite color. Obviously.”

Liam learns that Bella works at S.I.M.S. like Bjorn does so perhaps she might be part of the reason why Bjorn and Mortimer appear to not get along. Either something to do with their respective jobs or maybe even the lady herself.

After a few minutes, Bella excuses herself and Liam sees this as the perfect opportunity to swipe sir statue.

The exterior might seem dark and foreboding and the interior hearken back to older, more formal times but the family is anything but that. They enjoy chatting with company as well as each other.

Liam can’t help but compare them to the Bjergsen family who seem a bit more aloof with one another. The Goth family sees nothing wrong with showing affection to one another with hugs and kisses.

(A/N: What’s up with the blue chair? It doesn’t match the others in style or color and why isn’t it at the table? Is it meant to be used for time outs or some sort of punishment? Odd.)

Alexander comes back in the room with his tablet which is apparently the only device with SimNet connection in this house. No computers, no laptops, no smart appliances for these Sims.

Liam stands and does a quick stretch after his meal. “This house and the family who lives here makes me smile!”

Before Liam can clean up after himself, Alexander has picked up his plate and then returns to grab the other dishes.

Liam entertains himself by trolling teh forums for a bit. Heh heh heh

He is later drawn upstairs by the sound of music and discovers another thing of beauty. Liam silently promises the grandfather clock that it will be leaving with him. “They have a lot of clocks throughout the house so might not immediately notice this one when it’s gone.”

What Liam collected today:
Statue: Knight of the Octagon Table Suit of Armor worth §8,200
Statue: Knight of the Octagon Table Suit of Armor worth §8,200
TOTAL §16,400
GRAND TOTAL: §23,680

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