Costumed Caper: Spring, Day 3

First Round, Spring
Day 3 (Week 1, Tuesday)

Liam decides to check out the museum in Oasis Springs. The Futures Past is an interesting name for this place!

Now you see it, now you don’t! **Heeheehee**

“Aren’t you a fine thing? One day, if my luck holds out, you will be leaving with me!”

Liam takes a wee kip and hopes to wake ready to swipe again.

Not quite ready so he decides to amuse himself …

Simeon: Hello?
Liam: Hello, this is the Glimmerbrook Fire Department. We got a call that there’s …
“Well that didn’t work as well as it did in my head.”

“Not quite the same as that thing of beauty downstairs but you will do in the meantime.”

“Doubt anyone would miss this one stuck on a wall around the corner from the bathrooms.”

Liam returns to the Landgraab home and helps himself to some leftovers and then puts away the food Malcolm sets on the counter. “These privileged Sims have no idea of how good they have it!” Then he does a little mischief in the hopes that they won’t take things for granted.

A quick stop by the home plot reveals yet more rain … or did it never stop? Liam quickly sells what he had on hand because while he might have sticky fingers, he has no intention of rubbing it in Sims’ faces by displaying any of the items he acquired from their homes!

Liam decides to visit the lounge that’s located next to the museum he was at earlier. The Solar Flare has a nice name and a good vibe to it!

Not too busy there so he makes the acquaintance of Susan Wilsonoff and the bartender, Eleanor Ederberry.

Then it happens. Yet another celebrity with their “shine” and attitude appears. UGH!

“Take away their star factor and you have a Sim who has to earn their simoleons just like the rest of us! No free rides or gifts by the truckload!”

Really warming to the theme now … “Perhaps water monsters will come and even out the score between us once more.”
(A/N: The L7 Mischief action Describe Apocalypse to Sims is a fun one to watch!)

Liam decides enough is enough and heads for the exit but changes his mind when he sees a Sim he hasn’t seen before. A Sim who looks like he has money! Bjorn Bjergsen is alright for a fellow who works at S.I.M.S.

“Interesting. Very Interesting. Bjorn leaves in the middle of our conversation when another Sim walks past. I better go upstairs and meet this other lad!”

Mortimer Goth is a Freelance Article Writer and doesn’t strike Liam as someone who would travel in the same social circles as Bjorn but … appearances can be deceiving!

Liam heads over to visit the Bjergsen home.
Wow, that’s some house! The first snow is quite something, too!

He does a quick gander and finds a few nice pieces but is thwarted time and time again as someone is always where he wishes to be! Liam consoles himself with a bit of trolling teh forums but opts not to take the painting here as it is the only computer in the whole house and is sure to be noticed!

These posters on the other hand do not belong in this home gym.
“There, that’s better!”

Liam loves the color scheme in the master bath! “Green is my favorite color, dontcha know!”

Liam is in need of a few Zzzs but all the beds are either in rooms occupied by kiddos or where Clara insists on watching telly. The couches and various benches don’t look comfortable or are near the other TV & radio so Liam legs it outside for some quiet while he gets a bit of shut-eye.

“It’s a deadly view! I mean would you look at that? Gorgeous clouds, appealing water in pool as well as out and lightly falling snow. Life is good for these Bjergsens!!”

“It’s a shame they want to block the views with big clunky furnishings and whatnot. There! Isn’t that better?!”

Liam helps himself to some instant noodles but wishes he had waited because Clara is a caterer. Then again, she only made one serving and it isn’t anything special. “That’s a bit disappointing!”

Little Elsa grabs the vegetable tempura and Clara starts making ceviche while Bjorn makes mac n cheese. Liam makes the acquaintance of an angry Sofia.

Nothing he said made any difference so Liam excuses himself to go upstairs while Sofia takes out her frustration elsewhere. Liam sends a scam money request to a few Sims and is pleased when each forks over §100. Ka-ching!
(A/N: This is a little time consuming and not all that rewarding in terms of bang for the buck so I probably won’t spam this! LOL)

Downstairs shows little interaction between the family unless one of the two TVs are turned on. Such a shame, really! Another shame is that they only make one serving at a time. This family doesn’t play well with others or themselves!

Liam decides to help this family but gets tired of waiting for a TV to be left alone. He thinks sleeping Sims shouldn’t be disturbed by his quick swipe but … he’s WRONG!

“I’m impressed by how clean everything is! Even your TV is dust-free! Who does your work? I might need to hire someone to care for my more humbler belongings since I’m always on the go!”

Liam breathes a sigh of relief when little Elsa climbs back into bed and her mother gives a small smile.
(A/N: The 8 hours moodlet which hinders further swiping was drastically reduced when Liam did the various embarrassed actions like hide from everyone and give self a pep talk. I spammed the pep talk a few times and he was right as rain in a few Sim Hours instead of the original 8. Glad I did the actions to get the points & made this discovery!)

More annoyed than anything else, Liam takes out his frustrations on their sink.
(completes the clog drains at 3 different homes portion of the fourth tier)

What Liam collected today:
Painting: The Amour-propre worth §760
Sculpture: Womannequin worth §85
Painting: Martian Memories Landscape #1 worth §985
Wall Art: Antiqued Patent Posters worth §1,455
Instrument: Tickle My Ivories Grand Piano worth §1,415
Scam Money Request (2x): §200
TOTAL §4,900

Day 2 ~~ ** ~~ Day 4

Credit: Irish slang pulled from HERE

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