Costumed Caper: Spring, Day 2

First Round, Spring
Day 2 (Week 1, Monday)

After Liam’s kip, he discovers that Geoffrey Landgraab left a meal on the counter. “I’m not one to pass up on a free meal … especially not one that smells as good as this!”

Liam cleans up after himself and puts the food away. Waste not, want not! Besides, he now knows where he can grab a meal later.

Another Sim he met at The Shrieking Llama was Katrina Caliente.

“Now is as good a time as any to see her place! **whistles** It might not be Landgraab large but it’s in a deadly location.”

“Katrina’s fella seems nice enough. I wouldn’t want to arm-wrestle him and am mighty relieved he didn’t ask me to!”

“I admit I got curious as to why Nina (or was it Dina? Going to have to be better about remembering names!) is microwaving a frozen meal when her mother is grilling.” She gave Liam a half-smile and said, “Why not?” But didn’t say anything more in that regard because her sister joined them.

While trying to figure out something to acquire that isn’t a lamp, Liam spends time chatting up others.

“It’s a bit sad that they’re not more creative with their outbursts. Where’s the fun in that?!” Liam decides that sending chain letters has lost its appeal.

“Swiping hasn’t lost its thrill, thank goodness!”

“And there’s nothing like a well-timed prank! Those never lose their charm!”
(completes the third tier of the aspiration)

With four Sims living here, that’s a lot of bathrooms so hopefully they won’t notice Liam helping in his unique way.

Don came in and chased Liam out, but that was just so he could use the jacks. Liam wasn’t caught but even more importantly, it counted as having been done!
(the fourth tier requires clogging drains in 3 different houses)

Liam takes a gander in the empty dining room and closely admires their coat of arms.

“Waste not, want not. Can’t understand why the blonde lass left this on the counter … it’s not half bad.”

Liam sees the other lass snoozing in a chair and decides a wee kip sounds good. Afterward, she shows him a few dance moves that he could use to impress others. It was going well until Don cut in.

“Not to dance, mind you, that big eejit walks between us and gives her the stink eye before sitting down. Like we need a chaperone or something! Well … I might have done something to let him know his posturing was unappreciated!”

Liam excuses himself to go clean up and cool down. “No sense in getting manky as it will prevent my being able to move about unobserved.”

“That’s what I’m talking about! An empty room, a golden opportunity and me.”

Liam joins the others for lunch but Don walks out as he’s walking in, carrying his and Nina’s plates. “Am I interrupting anything?”, Liam asks while raising his eyebrows and angling his head in the direction of Don. Liam is a bit confused by the dynamics of the four living here and I have to admit, so am I!

Liam makes sure he cleans up after himself. It’s the least he could do for them not tossing him out on his ear while he stays for the day.

Liam makes himself comfortable as he waits to grab something that caught his eye earlier. He even mops up the mess left in an odd corner. “I don’t even want to know what this is or why it’s here!”

Finally! It’s time to …

Grab the glory! Nab the giraffe! Liam is very pleased with himself!
(A/N: I didn’t realize until later that this is Liam’s 4th grab. I was under the impression that a Sim is limited to swiping 3 items each day & will try to test this again at some point. I noticed that after swiping, some items cause a 2-hour cooldown before being able to swipe again and others cause a 4-hour cooldown period. I think this is tied to value of the object.)

Liam notices Katrina standing by herself outside and decides to brighten her day with a few well-timed pranks. “Man, that never gets old!”

I guess not. Liam looks quite pleased with himself, doesn’t he?!

What Liam collected today:
Painting: Ode to Jazz 1: “Golden” worth §290
Wall Art: Coat of Arms with Shield & Swords worth §1,150
Painting: The Pianist worth §475
Sculpture: Gary Giraffe worth §200
TOTAL §2,115

Day 1 ~~ ** ~~ Day 3

Credit: Irish slang pulled from HERE

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